A coffee with Bea & María from El Hervidero de Ideas @ Bicicleta Café

“More than anything, one is defined by the friends one meets for a coffee.”

Manuel Vicent

We love to be surrounded by inspiring, creative people, those that spread enthusiasm and joy. We always say that the best “side effect” of this blog is in fact the people we get to meet. So today we start a series of posts called “A coffee withwhere we will share with you these meetings in which each “guest” will bring us his particular vision of Madrid. Because if anything characterizes Madrid, it is a city that emerges from the amalgamation of very different perceptions but all interesting and worth discovering.

We recently met María y Beatriz, entrepreneurs of a company that excites us and which philosophy we completely share: El Hervidero de Ideas (“The ideas’ melting pot”). We already followed them online and we were eager to meet them in person and talk about ideas, projects and unique places. They took us to one of their favorite cafes in Madrid, La Bicicleta, a cool place in Malasaña neighborhood where bikes and coffee are absolute stars. We lost track of time and enjoyed so much listening to Maria & Bea’s story, their plans, their upcoming challenges and discovering their particular Madrid, we have a few new places on our go-to list! You can also meet them this weekend (22, 23 and 24 May) at their COCOMARKET, an event where they bring together sustainable brands, handmade beauties, second hand treasures and organize creative workshops for both kids and adults.

Tell us about you, how did you meet and how did you came up with El Hervidero de Ideas? What is the spirit of your project?

We met in a program of Marketing Management of the Entertainment Industry, we had to work in the same team and it went very well. Besides, we had the same aspirations and values, we wanted to work around a project that will help creating a better world. We started El Hervidero de Ideas because we saw that many sustainable enterprises that did not reach the people and needed to be known. There was also a great unfamiliarity and mistrust in relation to these businesses, the certifications and the world of sustainability in general. Therefore, we decided to launch El Hervidero de Ideas to bring sustainable enterprises to responsible consumers.

We have a motto: small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.

What do you offer? Who do you work with? Tell us about COCOMARKET, why it is a unique event…

We work with all kinds of sustainable companies by helping them to communicate their products effectively and with other companies that want to take steps to develop their business in a more responsible manner, through different tools: communication services, events and branded content for the enterprises to be increasingly more sustainable and base their communication strategies on sustainability as a differential value; and through the spreading of values ​​and sustainable habits, mainly through our blog and social networks.

We also work on initiatives and activities promoted by us to raise awareness about responsible consumption, reuse, recycling and sustainability, as is the case  COCOMARKET, an event which discloses sustainable enterprises of all types and awareness about the importance of recycling and reuse. The market supports local commerce, crafts and of course, responsible consumption. It is the meeting point for responsible brands and people who want to consume with brains. This event offers a market of sustainable projects of all types (deco, children, food, fashion, footwear, cosmetics, etc) and an area of parallel activities that help us to communicate in a practical way the philosophy of the event through creative workshops for adults and children, talks about sustainability, recycling and exhibitions on art, film projections, concerts, tastings, musical performances, etc. But since a picture is worth a thousand words you better drop by this weekend (22, 23 and 24 May) to Calle Velarde 14!

What makes you fall in love with Madrid?

Bea: Here there are our origins, the two were born here and here there is our family. I love that you can enjoy the good things of a big city, but you can alsos “disconnect” just a few kilometers away. I am passionate about the mountains of Madrid, although the city center is also great.

María: I what I like most about Madrid is its neighborhoods, each one gives you a different view of the city. Lavapies is multiculturalism and transformation, Chamberí is tradition and Malasaña is trendy… It is a very open city, where everyone is welcome, where you never get bored, you can have a drink any time, you always have new places to discover along with a huge cultural offer. And how beautiful it is!

We would like to know what are the neighbourhoods of your life, where you have grown and lived… and which is your favorite, or what do you like about each one…

Bea: I was born in Covarrubias, in Alonso Martinez. At that time I remember it as a very quiet neighborhood, I had to play on the swings of Chamberí and Colón. We used to go to the movies to Palafox cinema and I used to go with my mother to Barceló market. I have also lived in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. What I miss most of the time are the walks around “La Herrería” in spring and autumn… how nice! And also hiking on Avantos mountain. Now I live in the suburbs, in ​​Aravaca and I have to admit that I love it, there are places of Casa de Campo that are definetely worth knowing.

María: I was born in Anton Martin and lived for a long time near ​​Atocha. I remember running down the Paseo del Prado, playing in the Retiro and go shopping with my parents to Anton Martin market or Pontejos, a place I loved… what a paradise! Now I live in Ciudad Lineal and it´s a neighbourhood that has surprised me a lot because it´s full of life, traditional shops, the Alcala street, the park of the Quinta de los Molinos, the Capricho park, small markets…

If you wanted someone to discover Madrid for the first time, where would you take him? We are interested in those places that do not appear in the guides

Maria: I would go for a walk around different neighborhoods as for instance Conde Duque, Las Letras neighborhood, or Malasaña, discovering their cool spots. And then I wouls show Madrid from above: the terrace of Circulo de Bellas Artes, UNED terrace, 9th floor of “El Corte Inglés” of Callao, Casa Granada. It would go for lunch to the the Arab House. And also El Rastro, because even though it appears in all guides, I think it is a plan to do from time to time whether or not you‘re from Madrid.

Bea: Tough question, not out in the guidesLavapies area is always transforming and there are emerging funny business. Madrid Rio is also a great place and Matadero, where there is a great cultural activity. They are perhaps more innovative plans than those which normally appear in the guides.

We would love to discover your favorite spots…

… a place for inspiration: Eugenio Trias Library inside Retiro park, Paseo del Prado or Plaza de Oriente.

… a place to relax: The café at the Museo del Romanticismo, the terrace on the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones or La Pedriza.

… a place for long breakfasts: Verbena Bar, Magasand, and the Bar Carmencita for a brunch.

… the restaurant that never dissapoints: Motha, but since it has recently closed… we would go for Mad Café or Bodegas Rosell.

… a place for intimate conversation: Dray Martina.

… a place for fun: Mercado de San Antón, Vacaciones or Ojalá downstairs, being able to have a drink with your feet in beach sand is so cool!

… a place to buy a special gift: Caixaforum or Museo Reina Sofía shops, Panta Rhei bookshops or Cocomarket.

… a “secret” must: La Ciudad Invisible.

Finally, continue the sentence: “Madrid and I… fighting every day for a better world”.

La Bicicleta Cycling Cafe & Workplace
Address: Plaza de San Ildefonso 9, Madrid [Malasaña]
Metro Station: Tribunal (L1, L10)
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 2 am.

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