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  • Mercado de Productores (Farmer’s Market) in Matadero Madrid

    We continue exploring the different farmer’s markets in Madrid, and every other alternative offering a more sustainable way of buying and consuming. There are already other farmer’s markets we love, like Mercado de la Buena Vida or Día de Mercado de Madrid, but we were eager to visit the brand new Farmer’s Market called Mercado de Productores, taking place at the cultural melting pot Matadero Madrid, on the last weekend every month, since September 2014. This is a truly unique palce in Madrid that you can’t miss, where you can find one of the most interesting cinemas in Madrid, la Cineteca, an alternative theater, a cafe & restaurant that takes you to Berlín -La Cantina- and a paradise for book lovers -La Casa del Lector- among many other wonderful things.

    This farmer’s market is located in “Plaza Matadero”, an open-air field which makes it a perfect location to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air of a sunny day. More than fifty producers, farmers, makers and artisans offer their delicacies directly, with no distributors in between. The variety of products that can be found here is endless, and the only thing in common among the producers is that they all come from the region of Madrid, thus promoting local consumption, enjoying great quality products, supporting local economy and reducing the bad environmental impacts generated in long-distance transportations. It’s wonderful to be surprised by the wide range of products, most of them organic, that are made in our region, things you wouldn’t imagine are being made only a few miles away from the city. Just to give some examples of some of the things we have taken home, we can find here olives and pickles of Trilujo from Campo Real; ham and cold cuts of Arturo Sánchez; cheesees of La Pastora de Guadarrama, olive oil from Aranjuez of  Oleum Olé, artisan jams of Conservas Tu Sonrisa, the tasty meat from Miraflores of Cuerda Larga, the hand-made pasta of Pasta Fresca Madrid, and many others that you can expore in this list of exhibitors. Each and everyone of them are worth discovering.

    They also often organize different activities such as tastings, lectures, or children’s workshop, as for example the one of how to make your own vegetable garden, organized by El Bancal association that is a fun way to teach the little ones that food does not come from the supermarket. You can experiment at home with the mushroom self-cultivation kit of Resetea that we love.

    But what we have loved the most about this farmer’s market is that it invites you to stay for hours, slowly enjoying what you’ve just bought. Many of the stalls, like the ones selling meat, offer cooking the pieces you’ve chosen for you to taste them right here. The cheese-truck of La Cabezuela offer their delicious cheeses to eat or to take away, or the delicious burgers made with the famous meat of La Finca de Jiménez Barbero… Of course you can make your own picnic with any other delicacies bought at the market in the tables and chairs that you can find among the food trucks and stalls. To drink, you can’t miss La Virgen craft beer,  a small brewery set up in La Rozas in Madrid that can be found in many bars around the city; or you can always try our number one option for Sunday noon: vermouth. We have tried vermouth Zarro, from Fuenlabrada, and the Zechinni from Valdemoro, and we have loved both. It’s great to see that more and more people looking to try different brands and projects like Vermutería Pop-up that organize pop-up vermouth tastings with live music in charming spots around Madrid.

    We really recommend coming and having a great time in this Farmer’s Market while filling a very special shopping bag. We suggest coming by public transport or bike, since parking in the neighbourhood is almost impossible. The best plan is coming, tasting and getting something to eat in the market, and then go for a walk along the new Madrid-Río promenade or enjoy some cultural activity among the many taking place in Matadero.

    Mercado de Productores (Farmer’s Market) takes place on the last weekend, every month. Next edition on 28th & 29th March 2015.
    Opening hours: Saturday from 11am to 7pm, Sunday from 11am to 5pm.
    Location: Matadero Madrid, Plaza de Legazpi 8, Madrid.
    Metro Station: Legazpi.
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  • Don Lisander

    [English version]

    Don Lisander made us fall completely in love, and we must admit we would have never given an opportunity at first sight… but you know, “looks might be deceiving”. Behind a graceless façace and an old-fashioned (still not vintage ;-) decoration we found a wonderful and authentic italian trattoria. A restaurant that carried us away to Lago di Como with every bite and every sip… almost like being there, pure happiness.

    Everything tastes great, and we loved their pizza tartufo, really thin and crispy, topped with quail eggs and truffle, and tiramisú for dessert. We cannot wait to come back and try every other dish from the menu, including homemade pasta and more than twenty different pizzas. Wines are not remarkable but still fine. The bill won’t hurt: around 25-30€ each but really worth it.

    Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance, we came on a Tuesday afternoon and it was really packed. There are tables for two, four and for large groups, but our favorite is the rounded one near the window.

    A really nice, humble, honest and authentic restaurant that takes care of all that matters: what is on the plate. Goes directly to our favorites’ list.  

    Don Lisander
    Calle Infanta Mercedes 17, Madrid [Metro Estrecho (L1)]
    Reservations: 91 570 92 90
    Contact: Facebook & Twitter.

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  • La Cantina del Matadero

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

    We love La Cantina del Matadero, not only because we love this place where something interesting always happens, but mainly because it is a charming place. Located right next to the Cineteca, it is a perfect place to hang out before watching a movie, or discuss it afterwards. It’s a huge loft, but they have managed to transform it into a cozy place with wooden tables (large ones to share, and small ones, for two), candles, flowers, a turntable and perfect lighting. About the food, Olivia te cuida is in charge of the kitchen and it’s great, 100% homemade and natural. Everything is freshly prepared and tastes great. In fact you can see the bar from above and how they prepare the dishes on the fly using delicious ingredients.

    Of all dishes, we felt special weakness for their pizzettas (5.50 €), crispy, light and tasty, with a really good combination of ingredients. Our favorite has dried tomato, mozzarella, rocket and bresaola but we like them all. At noon you can tailor your combo plate for 9.50 € by selecting three dishes from the menu, or choose one of the dishes of the day. Regarding the drinks, they have a small but nice selection of wines, natural fruit juices or homemade lemonade.

    But we have been completely conquered by its terrace. Maybe because it reminds us a little of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, or perhaps it’s our longing (as if we lived there) for a bit of sunshine and sitting open air. Come here, hang out, meet friends, watch a movie and above all, enjoy.

    La Cantina is in the Plaza de Legazpi 8, Madrid. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to midnight, Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to midnight.

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

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  • Lu&Cía

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

    We always say that our best findings come from our friends’ recommendation. Raquel and Jaime told us about this spot in the Prosperidad neighbourhood and only a few steps away from the National Concert Hall: Lu&Cía. It’s located in a street we don’t frequently walk by, but its decoration is outstanding in this area where it’s difficult to find any “out of the regular” restaurant. It’s great to see such a cozy and beatiful place to hang out around a neighbourhood which is slowly emerging.

    Behind Lu&Cía there are three sisters and two friends experts in marketing and the movie business, who only two months ago embarked on this project with a lot of ideas. Beyond decoration, in Lu&Cía you can eat incredibly good thanks to a short but well selected menu of dishes and tapas. The “huevos rotos” (fried eggs with french fries) are simply spectacular, burrata is great and you can also try some more exotic suggestions as the “tuna tataki” or the gyozas with lemongrass. We recommend to save some room for the homemade desserts, especially some of the cakes.

    For less than 25€ you will have a great dinner in this place, also offering a daily lunch menu (Monday to Friday) for 12 euros, specially succesful on Fridays, the “cocido” day. In addition, they have painting and photography exhibitions. And given that the owners run a catering business, the place is also avalaible for birthday parties or any other celebration you wish to organize, they are always open to new ideas. Thursday night there is a thematic party with a special cocktail. We have already heard about the next Peruvian night with pisco sour, so follow them on facebook to stay tuned!

    Lu&Cía is located in Sánchez Pacheco 48, Madrid. Metro Station Prosperidad (L4) and Cruz del Rayo (L9). Opening hours: from Mondays to Saturdays 12:30 pm -  4:30 pm and Wednesdays-Saturdays 8:30 pm – 12:30 am.

    You can also follow them on facebook and twitter.

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

    Fotos: madridyyo.com

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  • Parque de Berlín

    Cinemagram: Madrid y yo

    Our favourite plan for a sunny Sunday, like yesterday, is without any doubt hanging out at the park. Having a picnic with friends, playing some games, just chatting with friends or being on our own with a good book, anyway it’s good if it’s open air, the best way to disconnect from work and charge batteries. We love many parks in Madrid, and we recently recommended one of our favorites and less known: la Quinta de los Molinos; today we are talking about another beautiful park pretty unknown for “madrileños” not living in the Chamartin district: Parque de Berlín. This park is dedicated to the fall of Berlin’s Wall and has three pieces of the original wall in its main fountain, including the original graffiti. What we like the most about this park is the quiet, familiar air: elders chatting about the latest news in “their” bench, kids livening up the lazy ones, young ones playing football in the field, teenagers and groups of friends having fun and of course, couples in love. There is a special peace in here, and there are many terraces around where you can have a drink while sunbathing. Like, for example, Le Petit Bistrot’s, a french restaurant we love, that is offering a delicious breakfast and brunch outside, with freshly baked bread and some good sun rays included. What else could we ask for?

    Parque de Berlin is located in Calle San Ernesto, Madrid. Metro station Concha Espina (Line 9).

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

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  • Parque La Quinta de los Molinos

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    It´s official: spring is here! It´s not only the dates, the weather is fabolous and Madrid is prettier than ever. It´s time for wandering in the open air and admire the beautiful skies of Madrid. And although every season has something, the spring brings out the beauty of Madrid parks. Today we want to share one of our favourites and less known: la Quinta de los Molinos. This park is located in San Blas, east of Madrid (towards the end of Alcalá street) a peaceful neighbourhood worth visiting these days when the park sparkles: more than fifteen hundred almond trees flowering at the same time, a show you can still watch if you hurry up. We also love to feel the quiet walking through this park because it´s not busy at all compared with other parks downtown: it´s worth getting away from the urban hustle to come to this place that will transport you to such a different Madrid.

    Quinta de los Molinos is located in calle Alcalá 527-531, Madrid. Metro Station Suanzes (L5). Opening Hours: from 6,30am to 10pm.

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

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  • Día de Mercado de Madrid

    People who live in Madrid often miss the market shopping ritual, specially the open-air markets where you can walk through the stalls, compare and try the products, or chat with the grocers. It is more and more difficult to find food that actually has any taste, perfect in its imperfection without plastic trays or long-term storage in the frigde. There are excellent and very traditional markets in Madrid, like Ventas o Maravillas, but in some neighbourhoods we are forced to buy in shabby supermarkets or to pay a fortune (which gets lost in mediators) to get good quality organic products.

    That´s why we love this initiative from the Madrid Agricultural Chamber, which started only six months ago but we wish it a long life: the Madrid Market Day. Every first saturday of the month, farmers and growers from Madrid meet at “Casa de Campo” and sell their products directly to the public. There are around thirty stalls full of delicacies: fruits and vegetables from Madrid organic farms (which actually exist, believe it or not), meat, olive oil, wine and honey, home-made cheese, yoghourt, bread, cakes, chocolates, aromatic and medicinal plants, and a long list worth discovering. From now on, we have a mandatory date first saturday of every month because consuming local produce is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also a contribution to a different better world.

    Next Madrid Market Day is on February 4th at Paseo Puerta del Ángel, 4 – Casa de Campo. Metro station: Lago (L10) and Puerta del Ángel (L6)

    Opening hours: from 10:00h to 15:00h.

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  • SOPA

    Fotos: © madridyyo.wordpress.com

    SOPA es, como su nombre indica, un lugar tranquilizante, reconfortante, nutritivo, sencillo y exquisito. Todos sus ingredientes -café, restaurante y tienda- combinan a la perfección con un solo objetivo: hacerte sentir bien.

    Desde la calle, a través de las cristaleras, llama la atención el espacio abierto y limpio, dan ganas de entrar a curiosear entre esas estanterías repletas de objetos coloridos perfectamente colocados: desde productos de alimentación biológicos a joyas de diseño, ropa y bicicletas. Una vez dentro una se da cuenta de que lo fundamental aquí son las sopas y los deliciosos platos vegetarianos que preparan cada día en función de lo que haya en el mercado. El menú (sopa + plato principal + postre o café/infusión) son 10 euros, cualquier día de la semana.

    Fotos: © madridyyo.wordpress.com

    SOPA está a pocas paradas de metro del centro, en el barrio de Prosperidad. Por sitios como este merece la pena salir a explorar Madrid. Es buena idea reservar antes de venir: en la única mesa del restaurante no caben más de diez o doce comensales, pero si vienes y no hay sitio lo más probable es que te hagan hueco y te preparen algo rico. Si no, siempre te quedará el plan B, llevarte la sopa a casa.

    SOPA está en la calle Nieremberg 23, Madrid (Metro Alfonso XIII/Prosperidad).

    Horario: Lunes-Viernes de 9 a 21h. Sábados de 11 a 21h. Domingos cerrado.

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