• Caravana Street Food (Antón Martín Market)

    We continue discoverting Antón Martín’s Market, a great place between Las Letras and Lavapiés neighborhoods. It’s the turn for a cozy spot to take a rest and eat healthy and delicious: CARAVANA Street Food.

    We couldn’t wait to come to this place since Aida and Paula sent us an e-mail telling us their story. Aida has a degree on Arts and loves handmade things, slowly and carefully and with lots of love, and Paula is a cook with experience in some of the best restaurants in Madrid, who loves fresh products and bringing out the best of each ingredient by using the right technique. They are a perfect tandem who met in the kitchen of a sandwich restaurant and started dreaming on their own project. They wanted a place where they could cook and serve fresh comfort and tasty food to eat or take away, where people could travel with their senses. They would have loved to have a food truck but it is certainly not easy in Madrid these days, so instead they parked their “Caravan” in the market, where the street food concept fits so well.  Specially in this market (that doesn’t appear in any travel guide!), a place we absolutely love where the traditional shops (groceries, bakeries, fruit shops) live in perfect harmony with new businesses, from a wonderful flower shop to a japanese take-away or a design studio that sells auto-edited fanzines.

    Aida and Paula decorated their space with their own hands and did it beautifully. They have created a warm, cozy spot that feels like home. It is very small and only suitable for eating on your own or in couples (no more than three at the same time), but sometimes that’s just the perfect thing. If you are not in that mood, you can also order your delicious food to take away and enjoy it at home or outdoors (the Retiro park is very close).

    The menu is short but any option is just perfect: surprising sandwiches, bagels and wraps made with homemade bread and filled with delicious ingredient combos. They make it all and you can taste the difference. We loved the “cuban sandwich” with spicy pork marinated in lime & orange juice with cheese and mustard and a crispy, light bread, accompanied by great baked potatoes and coleslaw. There’s a super-tasty veggie option called “veggie en mollete de raza” and in case you have a food allergy or intolerance, call them in advance and they will prepare something special for you.

    In the morning (from 11am) and in the afternoon they serve great breakfasts and snacks including great coffee, organic teas, homemade cakes and sweets and of course, sandwiches. On Saturday morning there’s also vermú and tapas, with many options to share.

    While you enjoy your meal, you can also get inspired by the collage exhibitions from invited artists that change every month. If you like them as much as they do, you can take them home or give them as a great gift at an affordable price (around 20€).

    The only limitation is the market’s opening hours: CARAVANA is closed on Satuday evening and Sundays, all day. Definitely worth a visit during weekdays or Saturday morning and then keep exploring the wonderful neighborhood of Antón Martín.

    Caravana Street Food
    Mercado de Antón Martín, Calle Santa Isabel 5, Madrid
    Metro Antón Martín (Line 1)
    Contact // +34 672 103 697 // facebook
    Opening Hours M-F 11am – 9pm / Saturdays 11am – 3:30pm
    Average price 10€ each

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  • FLOWRS Mercado Anton Martin

    “For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, as long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.”

    Edward Paul Abbey

    Antón Martín’s Market is a wonderland, an apparently ordinary place where you always find something extraordinary. For us, it is the most interesting market of Madrid along with San Fernando, two places that don’t appear on guides but have more life and charm than any other. We love to see how they have transformed from a plain food market to a hotspot, supporting local small business, entrepreneurs and encouraging a different kind of consumption, much more responsible, conscious and fun. Here, traditional food market stalls share their space in harmony with new and surprising business that one wouldn’t expect in this kind of place: from a design studio that sells auto-edited fanzines to fruit shops with local produce, a small Japanese take-away or another one that makes unforgettable sandwiches, or a dance school, and much more. We would spend hours in this place, but mostly we lose track of time in a corner that has made us fall in love, a florist’s dream: FLOWRS.

    It is very special, not only for being inside a food’s market but mostly for its spirit: here we find a huge variety of flowers and plants that we have never seen anywhere else, flowers that seem to be freshly picked from the field or cut from a lush garden and take you automatically there. The display changes often, adapting to each season, and now it is full of tulips, freesias, ranunculus, mimosas, hyacinths, roses, ferns and begoniasTaking these flowers is bringing home the spring itself.

    FLOWRS is the dream come true Leticia Rodriguez, a passionate and inspiring woman who tells us her story and makes us think that if you really want to do it (and you work hard), you can do it. She is an art specialist who worked in galleries for a long time, years later she founded the company Let‘s Room rental charming apartments in Madrid for short and long stays, long before it seemed “normal” to stay anywhere but in a hotel. She always welcomed her guests with flowers and of course they loved it; she realized that there it was her passion. She found an available space in her neighbourhood’s market and against all odds, the crisis and the voices that told her it was a crazy idea, she opened her flower shop one year ago, in January 2014.

    Along with Beatriz, her right hand, they are able to do wonders. It’s fascinating to contemplate them work and compose with a few flowers, some leaves and branches an spectacular bouquet, so delicate, simple and elegant at the same time, something that goes far beyond being something nice” to be something with “superpowers” able to transform a space or a day. Bringing flowers anytime, for a beloved one or for yourself, for no special reason except brighten any day with this premise their prices are accessible to all budgets and for 10 euros you can take home a beautiful bouquet, able to transform any corner.

    They prepare bouquets and floral arrangements of all kinds, decorate spaces (from individual homes to hotels, restaurants and shops) and perform landscaping projects. You can pick them up here at the market or order by phone and they will send them home, without any delivery costs, to anywhere in Madrid city.

    In the place right next to FLOWRS they have just opened La Cacharrería de FLOWRS“, a space where we find the perfect complements to our flowers: terracotta and ceramic pots, wonderful vases, mâché-paper containers or metal cans, many of them found in stores antiques and flea markets around the world. They also sell a very special product, jellies made from flower petals, manufactured at the Museum of The Jam in L’Ampurdá.

    Leticia tells us that the FLOWRS project has many branches and these days she is working on a field in Guadalajara (very close to Madrid) where she is cultivating her own varieties of flowers and will be soon in her shop. A place we can’t wait to discovering, where she will very soon start organizing workshops we won’t miss.

    Address: Mercado de Antón Martín. Calle Santa Isabel 5, Madrid
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm, and from 5 to 8pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
    Contact and orders: phone (+34) 91 429 0616 / 638 480 359 ; e-mail: or Facebook.
    You can also follow them on Instagram.

    pd. We enjoyed so much taking photographs here… if you wish to see more, come and enjoy our Flickr.

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  • Picnic in Madrid: Mercado de San Fernando (Part I)

    After a cold, rainy winter we were looking forward for springtime and it’s finally arrived. Picnic season is oficially here and we’re celebrating this beloved time of the year along with our friend Iaia Cocoi, the heart and soul of PICNIQUETTE, a project that brings together interesting people, sharing great food in incredible places (look at the winter picniquette in Mallorca… it will be coming soon to Madrid, so stay tuned!).

    In this series of collaborative posts we’re sharing picnics around Madrid and we will be sharing with you our favorite take-away places and the greatest picnic spots. Don’t miss Picniquette’s blog where you will find “side B” of this post: a report on our picnic (such beautiful pictures!) and great recipes to take away when you’re in the mood to cook ;)

    Our first stop is at the San Fernando Market. This is a one-of-a-kind market in Madrid that is, most of all, a meeting point and definitely the place to be on weekend mornings. We love coming here, do some shopping, have a drink, eat and end up having coffee and a great conversation, and of course, dance lindy hop. This is a place you won’t find in guides but a big DON’T MISS… For us, it’s one of the liveliest, most amazing spots in Madrid right now.

    There’s so much we could say about this place, but today we’re starting with our favorite “homemade spanish food” take-away places (part II, exotic food, coming soon!).

    • CARMEN. The café at the market is a great place to start the day. They make il vero capuccino and tasty toasts, cakes and cookies, always served along with a great smile. They have newspapers and magazines and a terrace where we would stay forever. To take away they have homemade quiches and foccacias that taste great.

    • LOS PANCHITOS DEL FRENTE (nº 34). Here we bought manchego cheese that tasted just great. They have a great selection of cheeses, both made in Spain and abroad, and some other spanish goods, like our beloved organic yogourth from La Suerte Ampanera and Cañada Real butter, from Soria.

    • LA PISTOLA (nº 6). Héctor & Alba make great bread. We bought a sesame bread that we enjoyed along with our cheese from Los Panchitos. We love just any variety and their specialities: empanadillas, cakes and cookies.

    • LA CHIGUITA RIOJANA (nº 41). Amazing goods from La Rioja (a region we just adore): wine, canned foods, and most of all homemade traditional spanish food that tastes so good. We recommend the “albóndigas al vino blanco with rice”.

    • LA SAL (nº 31). A great selection of products that are hard to find elsewhere, from spices to salts, oils and vinegars, real italian pasta, vegetables and of course, homemade food ready to take away. We like their quiches and stuffed zucchini.

    • LA SIEMPRE LLENA (nº 33). This bar has great wine for just 1,50€ a drink and they sell it in bulk. Drinking (alcohol) is not allowed in public spaces in Madrid, but you can have a drink before leaving :) Vermú is great as well.

    • LA BUENA PINTA (nº 28). The place for beer lovers. Artisanal beers made in Spain and abroad and great customer experience. It’s one of the best spots in the market to see and be seen…

    En el próximo capítulo descubrimos los puestos de comida exótica take-away (todo un mundo por descubrir!), stay tuned!

    ¿Quieres ver el picnic que nos montamos en el mercado? Puedes ver el reportaje en el blog de Picniquette.

    ¡A disfrutar!

    Want to see what we bought and enjoyed? Check it out at picniquette’s blog ;)

    Part II “Exotic Food Take-away at the Market”, coming soon!


    San Fernando’s Market is located in calle Embajadores 41, Madrid.
    Metro station: Lavapiés (Line 3), Embajadores (Lines 3 & 5) and Tirso de Molina (Line 1).
    Opening hours: 7/7 Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm; Saturday from 10am to 5pm; Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

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  • Los Porfiados

    We got to know Los Porfiados because we had heard a lot about this spot, and indeed in less than 4 months from its opening this restaurant in the heart of our beloved neighborhood Lavapiés has already conquered some of our best friends. From the moment we step in, we were completely marveled: the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the food simple and unpretentious yet so tasty, and the place, which had been abandoned for months, and magically has come to a new life with a low budget and great wit.

    Actually the curious name “Los Porfiados” (meaning “The Stubborn”), is a term often used in Argentina referred to the “insistence of an action to achieve a goal presenting resistance”, and after knowing the story of the four partners, they couldn’t have picked a better name. Actually it all started a few meters away from the restaurant, in the cultural space “La Bagatela”, a place that it’s sparkling up the neighborhood by organizing all sorts of activities from music workshops, sewing, or yoga to theater plays or music shows. The four partners – Uri, Fer, Santi and Viki – had been working on this for some time and had always wanted to open a restaurant, so when they saw that the local next door was empty they didn’t hesitate to give their best for transforming a soulless space in the cozy restaurant it is now. Their enthusiasm, effort and good work permeates the atmosphere from the moment you cross the door.

    And beyond the details, what has really conquered us it’s what’s served on the plate. Food is simple and unpretentious, handmade with love. Three of the four members are from Argentina and you can tell that by the menu: breaded meat cutlet, beef roulade, or Argentinean empanadas. This time we ordered the burger and we don’t exaggerate when we say it’s one of the best we have had in Madrid. The desserts are also great, so remember to save some room for the end… Definitely a place where we love and a second home: 100% recommended!

    Los Porfiados is located in calle Buenavista 18, Madrid. Metro Station Lavapiés (Line 3) and Antón Martín (Line 1). Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday 5:30pm to 0:30am. Friday and Saturday 1pm to 1:30am and Sunday from 1pm to 0:30am. We recommend booking a table before you go by calling +34 910 842 945. You might also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • La Otra Casa

    We love coming to La Otra Casa when we hang around Lavapiés, which lately is almost always. It is a cozy place where they take care of every single detail to make you feel good, at home: from the flowers on the table to the “illustrated” walls, the smile that welcomes you in here and the great background music, which in fact inspired us to create our list for “dinners with the best soundtrack”. But above all what we really love about this place is the food, everything we’ve tried is just delicious.

    The menu is based in a list of tapas, mostly spanish dishes but not all: we love their croquetas, huevo roto con ibérico (fried egg with homemade fries and great ham), oxtail lasagna (really good) and sea bass ceviche. You can share or have a menu just for you that includes three courses (half portion) for 15€ o 17€ dessert included. Drinks are payed separately and we love the fact that there is a wide range of good wines served by the glass at a reasonable price. Weekend meal here is great after a walk around La Latina: there’s always arroz marinero (rice with fish and seafood) on Saturdays and cocido madrileño on Sundays.

    An address to be well kept, a place to enjoy a delicious meal for less than 20 € and a sure hit, whoever your companion.

    La Otra Casa is located in calle Olivar 6 [Lavapiés]. Metro stations Lavapiés (L3) and Tirso de Molina (L1). Open everyday at noon and night, closed on Monday (check their opening hours). Phone +34 911763457, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@Laotracasa).

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  • Los Chuchis


    Los Chuchis is a big surprise: we came across this little restaurant in a forgotten street in the neighborhood of Lavapiés, exactly where one would not expect it, and felt attracted inmediatly. Behind that blue façade and wide windows there must be a charming place, and so it is. We didn’t get a table that day, but came back with a reservation in advance and fell in love with Mr. Preston’s meals. Delicious english cuisine with a Jamie Oliver touch. Could that be possible? Oh yes. Big deal.

    You need to try those fried potato peels with chimichurri, roasted chicken with rosemary and baked potatoes, the slow roasted pork. There’s a daily menu for 11€, but all plates are around 10€ so it’s really affordable. Dessert was spectacular too: pear cake with mascarpone. Just delicious.

    Honest and warm, a place where you get great food at great prices and a smile. Definitely in our top list of the year.

    Los Chuchis is located in calle Amparo 82, Madrid [Lavapiés]. Closest metro station Lavapiés (Line 3) and Embajadores (Lines 3 & 5). Opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am til midnight, Sunday from 12pm to 8pm. Phone +34 911 27 66 06. Facebook.


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  • La Casquería (San Fernando Market)


    A little while ago we talked about the emerging traditional markets which are coming back to life thanks to new business which co-exist with the classical ones. We posted about Sandwich Mixto (inside Antón Martín Market) and La Fruslería, inside San Fernando’s Market, two nonstandard business offering cultural activities like concerts, exhibitons or workshops and living perfectly happy together with the traditional stands in the market. Today we come back to San Fernando’s Market, in Lavapiés, to talk about La Casquería, an old butcher’s shop turned into a second-hand bookshop where books are selled like meat (a price a kilo). Recycling books is, like the owners state, a way of sharing stories where something from the previous readers remains: a note, a marked page, or simply the use of the book itself.

    Besides its location in a regular market stand, what we loved the most about La Casquería is the quotes they have spread in the bookshop and nearby and the book suggestions varying along the time. That makes you feel that there is really a story behind each book, unlike other a little messy second hand places, which also have their charm but where you don´t probably know even where to start.

    We encourage you to come here, and if you don’t have a clue about what to read, even better, you will have hundreds of ideas once you get there!

    La Casquería is located inside San Fernando’s Market. Calle Embajadores 41, Madrid. Metro Station Lavapiés (L3) and Embajadores (Lines 3, 5 and 6). Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 2:30pm and 5pm – 8:30 pm. Saturday 10am – 2:30pm and Sunday 11am – 2:30pm.



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  • La Fruslería (Mercado de San Fernando)

    We’ve been searching for special gifts around Madrid, and we’ve found some great spots in unexpected places. One of them, possibly our best discovery this year, was San Fernando’s Market, a place you should not miss and of course included in our little guide, Inventario de Regalos Únicos*.

    A few posts ago we were talking about the (Food) Market’s Revolution that’s taking place in Madrid, a fascinating transformation of traditional old-fashioned markets into brand new meeting points for young and elder. One of the “flagships” leading this revolution is San Fernando’s Market, which recently celebrated a re-opening week presenting its new neighbours. Each and every one of them deserves its own spot in this blog, and will eventually be here.

    We will start talking about a special place, something one wouldn’t expect in a traditional neighbourhood market: a gift shop called La Fruslería. This little spot is full of little treasures, beautiful handmade things by independent designers, gifts for cool babies and wonderfully edited books… we couldn’t help bringing home one of them, “Las Derrotas” by José Naveiras, containing witty poems and beautiful illustrations by Rodrigo Córdoba.

    On weekends they organize fun activities, from knitting workshops to storytelling for kids, book presentations and live performances, and it’s open on Sunday too. Stay tuned by following them on facebook and twitter. Great place to shop and have a drink -our traditional vermú- with friends. A joyful place for body & soul!

    La Fruslería is located at San Fernando’s Market, Embajadores 41, Madrid. Closest Metro stations: Lavapiés (Line 3) & Embajadores (Lines 3 & 5). Open from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2pm and from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Saturday & Sunday, from 11am to 3pm. Closed on Tuesday. Some folks that know a lot have also fallen in love: our dear Cocoi, La Playa de Madrid & Madrid Diferente.

    * THANKS for reading, enjoying & sharing our little gift guide full of great ideas for xmas (but not only!) and spreads love by supporting local small brands & designers. More than 18.000 visits in a week and such beautiful words is much more than we were expecting and makes all the hard work worth it… Much more is coming soon, stay tuned!

    La Fruslería en el Mercado de San Fernando – Fotos:

    La Fruslería del Mercado de San Fernando – Fotos

    La Fruslería del Mercado – Fotos

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  • Sandwich Mixto (Mercado de Antón Martín)


    Madrid is living a “market’s revolution”, and while some traditional markets in the edge of disappearing have become touristic gourmet hotspots, we are more interested in those markets that are blooming with new ideas and keeping their roots at the same time. Right now, something great is happening in two of the oldest markets in Madrid: the Anton Martin’s Market and San Fernando’s Market, both in Lavapiés, a neighborhood in the very center that still keeps the traditional flavour. What’s exciting about them both is that new business are coming in -and of course, new people- and they live happily together with traditional stands such as groceries, fish shops and fruit stores. There’s something exciting for our generation in the idea of coming back to the markets, like we did when we were kids with our grandma’s… The idea of it, not just as a place to shop but also as a meeting point, a place for encounter.

    This revolution is being made by common people, brave ones who believe in their projects and make them come true no matter how idealistic or risky they may seem, whether it’s an organic greengrocer’s, an artisan bakery, a bike accessory shop, a bar that sells wine and olive oil in bulk, a flower shop or a bookstore. We have plenty to tell but we are starting this series today with a truly unique place, a real surprise, a gem that brights and breaks all mindsets: it’s called Sandwich Mixto.

    This sandwich is a delicious homemade combination that feeds both body and soul: self-published books (fanzines that can only be found here) and exquisite food and drinks (including a great spanish omelette), all wrapped up in a surprising place that once was a grocery and is now a great spot.

    Virginia and her partner made their dream come true and founded Sandwich Mixto a few months ago. These two talented designers can do something great for you, either if it’s creating a book, a website or a video, serving great coffee and wine while recommending a good book and even organize great concerts on saturday afternoons. If you dare to think you had already seen everything in Madrid, come and explore these markets and you’ll see that there’s still a lot to discover out there…

    Sandwich Mixto is located on the first floor of Mercado de Antón Martín, in Santa Isabel 5, Madrid. Closest Metro station: Antón Martín. You may follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram (@sandwichmixtomadrid), or e-mail them at quieroun(at) and even phone call: +34 910075897.



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  • Café El Mar + EnBioVerde


    One of the best “side effects” of this blog is getting to know wonderful people, the discoveries and optimism they share with us. It was one of them, a beloved friend, that took us to this charming spot in Lavapiés: Café El Mar.

    Recently opened, not longer than a month ago, it is located where there once was a hairdresser’s with a beautiful historic tiles façade (protected nowadays), and later became a bike shop & atelier called Fixi-Dixi, that has now moved two numbers away. Following a simple yet effective philosophy “good food = good energy = happiness” María and her partner, with the help of very talented architects specialized in sustainable self-construction, have founded this café and organic product store that provides nothing but good vibes.

    A calm, quiet spot where you will be always welcome with a warm smile and a healthy meal, always based in local and seasonal food, homemade and cooked-with-love, that you can enjoy inside or outside in one of the tables they have set in the street. Everything’s fresh, like the juices they prepare with fruits and vegetables at your choice, homemade lemonade, teas and coffees with soy or oat milk, cakes, bread and of course, salty dishes. The café shares the space with the small but well stocked EnBioVerde shop, where you can buy organic fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs and a long list of eco-labelled products. If you live around, they deliver home by bike.

    A peaceful place to get the strength and the positive vibes back for the rest of the day. It just became an all-time favorite for us.

    Café El Mar / EnBioVerde shop is located in calle Embajadores 31, Madrid. Closest Metro station Lavapiés (Line 3) and Tirso de Molina (Line 1). Opens everyday from 10am to 10pm. Contact by phone at 619 457 275 or email enbioverde(at)



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