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  • The Hat Madrid rooftop

    “This light, this sky, these clouds, they are Madrid’s most precious treasure.”

    Josep Pla, Un dietario. Madrid 1921

    We fall in love with Madrid (even more) in springtime. We seek for places where we can enjoy this wonderful sky and endless sunsets…

    There’s a wonderful place that’s not so well known yet and thus still quiet and comfy where we enjoy the sky at its finest: The Hat’s rooftop. The Hat is a contemporary and charming hostel that opened just one year ago. It’s a hidden gem in a little street near the Plaza Mayor really worth discovering.

    This hostel is located in a fantastic building from the XIX century that has been delicately remodelled and decorated in a simple, contemporary style. It’s definitely one of the most cool places to stay while visiting Madrid.

    “There’s always a place to discover, a person to meet and a spot to remember”, with this motto: how not falling in love? A whole claim for a place that it’s more of a meeting point rather than a place for just sleeping. Bright and cozy, here there’s always something interesting happening so it invites to stay for both locals and visitors.

    And above all, we absolutely love the rooftop, a terrace from where to sight La Latina’s old roofs at sunset.  There are many cool rooftops in luxurious hotels in Madrid, but in our opinion most of them are extremely expensive and have quite a fake atmosphere. In this one, however, anyone can feel comfortable, it´s a quiet and unpretencious place where you can have a drink for a reasonable price, eat or even enjoy an acoustic show…

    Every Wednesday there’s a cool event called Cenas en las alturas” (“Dinners at the top”), a meeting that will take place once a week and where 40 people will enjoy a dinner by the amazing chefs of TriCiClo.

    The terrace is open to public everyday, from Monday to Friday from 6 pm, and on weekends the whole day until midnight.  It’s also avalaible for events and private parties.

    The Hat Madrid

    Address Calle Imperial 9, Madrid (Planta 6)
    Metro La Latina / Tirso de Molina
    Contact 917 72 85 72 · Facebook
    Opening Hours Monday – Friday from 6pm to 11:30pm / Saturday & Sunday from 1pm til midnight.

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  • Martina Cocina

    It’s been a while since our last post but we’re back for good, and we have some great discoveries coming up. 

    Martina Cocina is a new café in La Latina, a neighborhood were we all have been any given Sunday, but where it is hard to find cozy places to rest and enjoy a cup of good coffee, or eat anything different from “tapas”. Luckily things are changing, La Latina is very close to Lavapiés (our beloved neighborhood, the one that is blooming these days) and the fresh air is finally coming here.

    We have a friend who knows this area like no other, Noemi, and when she recommended this place we had nothing to do but come as soon as possible. It was last Friday, and a few days after we came back for breakfast and stayed for a long, long time. The place is beautiful, there are huge windows that these days remain wide open; once inside you get the feeling of being indoors and ourdoors at the same time, surrounded by trees and sunbeams… There’s plenty of light, wood, glass, fresh air and it smells like coffee… definitely the place to be. It’s cozy, neither small nor big, enough to find a free seat anytime you come but there isn’t room for too many people, so it never gets noisy (except on Sundays, because the Rastro is right here). There are a few tables for two and a big wooden table with ten or twelve seats, one of those we dream of having at home.

    Beyond all that, what makes this place different , unique, is the food and the host. Unlike many other “nice” cafes that seem just fake, here you get the feeling we are all searching for: you are at home. Martina takes care of every detail to make you feel good, she created this space, she cooks and serves, and never loses her smile. She has a nice conversation and a contagious enthusiasm… the type of person we want to have around.

    Martina serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, non stop, all day long. Her food is homemade and simple, really comforting and delicious. She came to Madrid from Argentina and brought here her homeland specialities: empanadas, quiches, sandwiches and salads, and of course the sweets, cakes and alfajores. From Tuesday to Friday there’s a lunch menu for 10,50 €, including two courses and dessert or coffee. Currently there are no gluten-free dishes (except salds), but if you have a special request for food allergies, contact her before going and she’ll get it fixed.

    This is a great place to come on your own (to read or work, wifi is included), and of course great place for two and groups. If you need a place for a celebration, there’s this huge table and a room downstairs that hosts up to 30 people and suits birthdays, meetings and events of any kind. Very soon Martina will also have a terrace outdoors. A place that makes you want to stay, where you want to come back.

    Martina Cocina is located in Plaza de Cascorro 11, Madrid. Metro station: La Latina (Line 5) & Tirso de Molina (Line 1).

    Opening hours: Weekdays from 9 am to 11:30 pm, Friday & Saturday until 1am. Closed on Monday. Follow Martina on Facebook & Twitter, or contact her at:


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  • Gastrohome Micue

    Gastrohome Micue Cocina Clandestina La Latina Madrid

    Gastrohome Micue Cocina Clandestina La Latina Madrid

    When a 16-year-old Miguel Ángel, a.k.a Micue, dials a phone number and says:

    - May I speak to Juan Mari Arzak, please?

    To his surprise, Juan Mari gets on the phone and tells him to call in a few months to talk about an internship in his restaurant. After those months, Arzak disappointed him by telling that everything had been already organized and an internship would not be possible. How would you react? Micue travelled to San Sebastian to ask him to tell him “no” face to face. And so this chef, born in Majadahonda (Madrid) and being only 16, stayed for a year and a half in the kitchen of one of the best restaurants in Spain. Since then Micue has worked in many other restaurants, learning from the best, before deciding to start a project on his own. At first as a restauration consultant, then with one of his own, and now with a brand new formula that has conquered us.

    Micue welcomes you at his own home and offers meals from Monday to Friday with a lunch menu that changes every week depending on seasonal products. At night and on weekends he prepares a longer tasting menu for around 38 euros but definitely worth it. If you want to come, you just have to call at least 24 hours in advance and go there either alone or with friends, there’s space for up to 14 people in his home. And yes indeed, all this happens at his home, hence the name Gastrohome. We love it because it´s another way to experience elaborated menus in an affordable manner in the line of the now-so-trendy “clandestine kitchens” (or “supper clubs“) as the one we recommended here. This “gastrohome” is so special because of the incredible charm of Miguel Ángel’s home, an appartment in La Latina neighborhood in the style of the old “houses to malice”, whose story you can read on his website. Just open the door and you will find an open space with a cottage touch, a huge wooden table that invites to spend hours eating and chatting, and an open

    kitchen where you can watch Micue cooking or cook yourself if you decide to try one of their workshops.

    Micue also organizes specialized workshops (advertised on its website) that change from time to time, according to seasonal products. This is exactly how we, thanks to Irene and Elias, have known Gastrohome, by participating in an amazing foie monographic course. We learned a lot about a product that we did not know how to handle, and the dishes (judge for yourself) are just spectacular. Lesson & dinner for around 45 euros, really worth every cent.

    In “Madrid y yo”, we always encourage you to see Madrid in a different way and supporting the creative and entrepreneurial people who bring new ideas to enjoy our city. Whether you are a “kitchenette” or simply enjoy sharing a table, don’t miss this experience!

    Gastrohome Micue is in La Latina neighborhood (you will get the exact address when you make a reservation). Phone number: +34 695261680. You can check the menu on his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

    Gastrohome Micue Cocina Clandestina La Latina Madrid

    Gastrohome Micue Cocina Clandestina La Latina Madrid

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  • Taberna Badila

    Fotos: Madrid y

    Taberna Badila is a hidden treasure located in the rambling streets of the city center, close to Tirso de Molina square, between La Latina and Lavapiés. The only way to get here is probably under somebody’s repeated recommendation (in our case, it was our dear Vera), and the truth is that once you’ve tried it, you can’t do anything but coming back in good company. This place has well earned a spot in our favourite restaurant list thanks to its simplicity and savoir faire, something characteristic of traditional restaurants: all dishes are based in fresh market products and traditional spanish recipes, adapted to the contemporary taste, lighter, but equally comforting. The environment is, like its food, simple and warm, with black and white walls, wooden tables, and a beautiful light that bathes the whole room.

    There is a daily menu everyday including weekends, composed by a first and second dish (to choose among 6), dessert and drink, with a great selection of wines. It is also affordable for everyone, with an exceptional quality-price relationship: menu is 12,50€ on weekdays, 13,50€ on saturday and 14,50€ on sunday. At night you can order a menu as well (14,50€) or either go for the “tapas”.

    A curiosity: in the restaurant you will find some traces of Picasso, they say he lived just in front of this building, you will locate the spot by the tiles dedicated to him in the facade, another reason to come if needed… Finally, a little tip: this place is pretty small and very popular and won’t accept reservations in advance for lunch, just dinners. If you want to get your seat come before 2pm.

    Taberna Badila is located at calle de la Cabeza 7, Madrid. Metro station Tirso de Molina (Line 1). Phone number +34 914297651. You can have a look at the whole menu here.

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  • Café Atelier La Llana

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    We found this place, called Café Atelier La Llana, between La Latina and Lavapiés. It probably would not have catched our eye but it was a cold sunday afternoon and the door was anouncing “hot chocolate”. Once we walked inside we found a surprise: it was more than just another café, it was also an art gallery, a craft shop and above all, a meeting point for culture lovers. The owners opened this cozy place in september and in just four months they have organized all kind of cultural activities, from poetry reading to workshops, concerts and book presentations. As a gallery they exhibit and sell the art work of different creators, now it’s the turn for the beautiful illustrations by Marta Petite. As a café. it’s a homey place with sofas, vintage chairs and warm light. A place we hope that came to stay.

    Café Atelier La Llana is located in calle Embajadores 26, Madrid. Metro La Latina (L5) and Embajadores (L3).

    Opens from monday to saturday, from 8:30 am to 12pm and 6pm to 11pm. Sundays, from 8:30am to 7pm.

    Cafe Atelier la Llana Madrid Latina Lavapies

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  • Café Anglona

    Cafe Anglona Madrid

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    Café Anglona is a cozy place for winter evenings, hidden in La Latina and usually discovered by previous recommendation. It’s perfect for calm conversations and first dates that start in the afternoon and end up with a good cocktail… the soft light and the amazing soundtrack (from jazz to bossa nova) never fail.

    Café Anglona is located in calle del Príncipe de Anglona 3, Madrid, metro La Latina (line 5).

    Open everyday from early morning until late night, from 8 am to 2 am, friday and saturday closes at 2:30 am.

    Cafe Anglona Madrid

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