• FLOWRS Mercado Anton Martin

    “For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, as long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.”

    Edward Paul Abbey

    Antón Martín’s Market is a wonderland, an apparently ordinary place where you always find something extraordinary. For us, it is the most interesting market of Madrid along with San Fernando, two places that don’t appear on guides but have more life and charm than any other. We love to see how they have transformed from a plain food market to a hotspot, supporting local small business, entrepreneurs and encouraging a different kind of consumption, much more responsible, conscious and fun. Here, traditional food market stalls share their space in harmony with new and surprising business that one wouldn’t expect in this kind of place: from a design studio that sells auto-edited fanzines to fruit shops with local produce, a small Japanese take-away or another one that makes unforgettable sandwiches, or a dance school, and much more. We would spend hours in this place, but mostly we lose track of time in a corner that has made us fall in love, a florist’s dream: FLOWRS.

    It is very special, not only for being inside a food’s market but mostly for its spirit: here we find a huge variety of flowers and plants that we have never seen anywhere else, flowers that seem to be freshly picked from the field or cut from a lush garden and take you automatically there. The display changes often, adapting to each season, and now it is full of tulips, freesias, ranunculus, mimosas, hyacinths, roses, ferns and begoniasTaking these flowers is bringing home the spring itself.

    FLOWRS is the dream come true Leticia Rodriguez, a passionate and inspiring woman who tells us her story and makes us think that if you really want to do it (and you work hard), you can do it. She is an art specialist who worked in galleries for a long time, years later she founded the company Let‘s Room rental charming apartments in Madrid for short and long stays, long before it seemed “normal” to stay anywhere but in a hotel. She always welcomed her guests with flowers and of course they loved it; she realized that there it was her passion. She found an available space in her neighbourhood’s market and against all odds, the crisis and the voices that told her it was a crazy idea, she opened her flower shop one year ago, in January 2014.

    Along with Beatriz, her right hand, they are able to do wonders. It’s fascinating to contemplate them work and compose with a few flowers, some leaves and branches an spectacular bouquet, so delicate, simple and elegant at the same time, something that goes far beyond being something nice” to be something with “superpowers” able to transform a space or a day. Bringing flowers anytime, for a beloved one or for yourself, for no special reason except brighten any day with this premise their prices are accessible to all budgets and for 10 euros you can take home a beautiful bouquet, able to transform any corner.

    They prepare bouquets and floral arrangements of all kinds, decorate spaces (from individual homes to hotels, restaurants and shops) and perform landscaping projects. You can pick them up here at the market or order by phone and they will send them home, without any delivery costs, to anywhere in Madrid city.

    In the place right next to FLOWRS they have just opened La Cacharrería de FLOWRS“, a space where we find the perfect complements to our flowers: terracotta and ceramic pots, wonderful vases, mâché-paper containers or metal cans, many of them found in stores antiques and flea markets around the world. They also sell a very special product, jellies made from flower petals, manufactured at the Museum of The Jam in L’Ampurdá.

    Leticia tells us that the FLOWRS project has many branches and these days she is working on a field in Guadalajara (very close to Madrid) where she is cultivating her own varieties of flowers and will be soon in her shop. A place we can’t wait to discovering, where she will very soon start organizing workshops we won’t miss.

    Address: Mercado de Antón Martín. Calle Santa Isabel 5, Madrid
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm, and from 5 to 8pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
    Contact and orders: phone (+34) 91 429 0616 / 638 480 359 ; e-mail: or Facebook.
    You can also follow them on Instagram.

    pd. We enjoyed so much taking photographs here… if you wish to see more, come and enjoy our Flickr.

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  • Ganz

    Ganz Cafe Bistrot Madrid

    Ganz Café Bistrot

    Ganz Cafe Bistrot Madrid

    We don’t specially like to adopt foreign traditions, but we have to say that we love to extend breakfasts forever, and that’s why we always welcome restaurants offering brunch on weekends. However, it’s not easy to find places where product quality is essential, and with an atmosphere that invites you to stay long and have a good conversation. In Ganz, they’ve achieved this and much more; indeed the name “ganz” means “well done” in German. Behind this place there are two partners coming from worlds far away from the restaurant sector who decided to jump into this adventure because they were missing in Madrid a place to eat well, which pays attention to the details and where one can feel at home. We were excited to try it and it really exceeded our expectations.
    At first glance, the careful decoration is amazing, with checkerboard floors and furniture in blue. We also like the location – in the heart Las Letras neighborhood - and the light coming through the large windows, but the best thing here is definitely the food.
    The brunch is simply unbeatable. It starts with a good coffee and fresh juice, followed by a basket of breads and pastries worthy of the best French pattiseries. Then, a principal to choose among 8 options, where we definitely recommend the eggs benedictine, with the perfect boiling and a lovely hollandaise sauce. Finally a homemade yogurt, which remembers to those our mothers prepared when we were little. All for 18 euros, a very fair price considering the quality of the products. We still have to go to try the menu, which consists of 20 simple dishes but seasonal-changing and prepared with the best goods. We´ve heard wonderful things about the burrata with truffle oil and fresh basil, duck with applesauce, and roasted lamb. It can be the perfect place for a special dinner in an intimate atmosphere and with a great soundtrack: jazz and bossa-nova. In fact the restaurant has only 11 tables, in order to give the best attention and maintain a friendly atmosphere. And if all this wasn´t enough, the wine list is short but well thought, with references from small wineries difficult to find in stores, which are renewed every so often. A real attraction for wine lovers eager to try new ones. We will definitely come back, but especially because of the careful attention, with no hurries and always with a big smile, which is essential for us and it´s something that we look for in every place we recommend in the blog. The owners, Gonzalo and Diego, can be proud of this project and we wish them the best. Apart from the restaurant, Ganz also hides a surprise: an art gallery in the basement that you can rent for all kinds of events.
    Ganz is located on Calle Almaden 9, Madrid (area Barrio de las Letras). Metro station: Atocha or Anton Martín (L1).
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 2:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00.
    Saturday and Sunday brunch is served from 12:00 to 14:00h. They will be offering lunch menus from October for about 13 euros.
    Contact: facebook / twitter / +34 911733937 /
    Ganz Cafe Bistrot Madrid
    Ganz Cafe Bistrot Madrid

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  • La Fábrica

    It was a Sunday morning and the sun was shining so bright, we couldn’t help but rush outside and enjoy Madrid. We decided to stroll around and explore one of the most surprising neighborhoods in Madrid these days: el Barrio de Las Letras. Lately, every time we come around we find something great, we could say the neighborhood is blooming with new shops, restaurants, cafés and cultural hotspots like this one: La Fábrica.

    This place is, all at once, a bookshop, gift shop, art gallery, café, restaurant and school. We lost track of time browsing through the shelves, full of great books -most of them photography books, we wanted them all-, discovering new artists, and after all having a great coffee at their “gastroteque”, a bright, quiet and cozy place. From time to time they organize meetings, conferences and book presentations, such as the one taking place next Monday (Nov. 25th) with the great photographer Pierre Gonnord (at 8 p.m.).

    Who is behind all this? La Fábrica, a cultural developer that has been making things happen since 1995, great things related to contemporary art like PHotoEspaña, Matador Magazine, Eñe Festival o the essential cant-live-without Until May they had a little bookshop that came across unnoticed, but now they have a brand new home where everyone is welcome and really worth a visit. You won’t come out disappointed…

    La Fábrica is located in calle Alameda 9, Madrid [Barrio de las Letras]. Metro station: Atocha (Line 1). Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 10am til midnight, Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Contact: +34 9136013120, info@lafabrica.comFacebook & Twitter.

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  • Mercado La Buena Vida

    This weekend, like every first weekend every month, we celebrate “La Buena Vida” (The Good Life) in HUB Madrid, a wonderful co-working space in Las Letras neighbourhood (next to Caixa Forum) that becomes a food market for two days and where amazing things can happen. “La Buena Vida” is much more than a market with artisan and organic products, in fact it is a beautiful, inspiring project supporting a more conscious way of living and consuming, regarding who, how and where things are made and appreciating what we get for our money but most of all, it’s a meeting point.

    Besides buying tasty food, made ​​by the wise hands of local producers and artisans (cheese, preserves, olive oil, jams, bread, chocolate, and much more) we especially enjoy it here because the place invites you to stay and share. In the market there is a spot where you can sit quietly to have a vermouth, a glass of wine or a cocktail and eat something.

    Our favorite moment to go is late Saturday evening, when the market is transformed into a dancefloor, but we would spend there the whole weekend chatting with producers and organizers, our beloved Elena and María, trying everything, participating in their workshops and dancing till dawn (well, until the closure ;-)). “La Buena Vida” is a place we specially love and you can’t miss. The Good Life is here.

    *Stay tuned for “La Buena Vida” upcoming event: Artilujos, a market of furniture and decorative items made ​​from recycled materials.

    La Buena Vida Market takes places in HUB MADRID, Gobernador Street 26, Madrid. First weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.




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  • L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen

    Today we’re talking about a very special restaurant located in the heart of “Las Letras” neighborhood: L’ Artisan Furansu Kitchen. It is special because it is the result of the dreams and the good work of four entrepreneurs who, despite their youth, have a wide experience in the kitchens of restaurants like the former “Toma” or “Le Garage” in Madrid. They have been responsible for the decor (they themselves have even stung the domes downstairs), and because in the few months it’s been open, it has already earned the good comments of many gastronomic reviewers, such as Federico Oldenburg, among many others.

    And the truth is that after trying their dishes we can’t say anything but all compliments fall short in this French and Japanese-inspired restaurant. The four chefs who run L’ Artisan (Spanish Javier Alonso, French-Japanese Stephane Shoji and Gohei Kishi and Ecuadorian Gisella Herrera) have combined brilliantly all these origins and have made a short but very thoughtful and wise menu. We tried the sea bass ceviche with chili, cilantro and wakame seaweed, tempura sardines which is one of the popular dishes (a must), magret de canard with peach compote (spectacular!) and roasted butterfish in saikyo miso, a fish that literally melts in your mouth. For dessert, we tried the mascarpone with caramel, also great. Everything was so tasty and so well presented that we can’t highlight one thing over the rest, so you’ll have to come to try yourself! Wine connoisseurs also will appreciate its variety of well chosen French wines and very surprising cocktails such as the Japanese mojito with sake and mint.

    In addition, L’Artisan offers a lunch menu for 14€, a great price for its quality and deliciousness. For those not lucky enough to work in the city center, we’ll always have the option to go for dinner. The place has two spaces: upstairs there’s an open kitchen with small tables, but we like it better downstairs, under the brick cellar with vaulted ceilings, a chilly hided spot in the middle of the bustling Huertas. If you come across this place a little bit late, you can also go to have some cocktails at the bar, open until 2 am.

    L’ Artisan – Furansu Kitchen is located in Ventura de la Vega 15, Madrid. Metro Station Sevilla (L2) . Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 17:00 and 20:00 to 2:00. Average price/person 25€. Contact them by phonoe +34 91 420 31 72, Twitter or Facebook.



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  • Círculo de Bellas Artes’ Rooftop

    There are many ways to look at Madrid, and what we like the most about this city, to which we dedicate our blog and our time, is that one never stops discovering new angles, perspectives to contemplate the city. It’s difficult to pick our favorite, but there is definitely something special about the Círculo de Bellas Artes’s rooftop and that’s why it’s our blog’s opening picture.

    We love the Círculo de Bellas Artes because it always has a very interesting cultural agenda, but what makes it unique and really special is its rooftop, a place where we can almost touch the famous sky of Madrid. It is always a good moment to come here, but probably spring and summertime is our favorite. Concert season is coming and it’s a wonderful experience that one cannot miss: live great music -mostly jazz-, ashtonishing views and a magical atmosphere. In any case, for only 3 euros you are welcome to come up here to admire Madrid’s particular skyline, where the monumental buildings spread from the city center to the infinite, only interrupted by a few skycrappers.

    A perfect place to enjoy Madrid’s unforgettable skies, a gift that we get almost every day. That skies that have inspired many painters, from Velazquez to Antonio López, as well as poets and writers. As Pla said, the only thing that could bring him back together with Madrid was the sky, the clouds and the air, or Julio Llamazares, who wrote this beautiful ode called “Madrid’ sky”:

    “That sky of Madrid [...] is the one that keeps the dreams of all the madrileños and the people who, not being from Madrid, arrive here everyday to conquer the sky. Not the one that covers us, but the one that we all have underneath. Because unlike other cities, people come to Madrid to conquer the sky.” – Julio Llamazares.

    El Círculo de Bellas Artes is located in calle Alcalá 42, Madrid [metro Sevilla]. Opening hours: everyday from 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 9pm. Follow them on their blog, Facebook and twitter, or listen to their radio station: Radio Círculo.

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  • Sandwich Mixto (Mercado de Antón Martín)


    Madrid is living a “market’s revolution”, and while some traditional markets in the edge of disappearing have become touristic gourmet hotspots, we are more interested in those markets that are blooming with new ideas and keeping their roots at the same time. Right now, something great is happening in two of the oldest markets in Madrid: the Anton Martin’s Market and San Fernando’s Market, both in Lavapiés, a neighborhood in the very center that still keeps the traditional flavour. What’s exciting about them both is that new business are coming in -and of course, new people- and they live happily together with traditional stands such as groceries, fish shops and fruit stores. There’s something exciting for our generation in the idea of coming back to the markets, like we did when we were kids with our grandma’s… The idea of it, not just as a place to shop but also as a meeting point, a place for encounter.

    This revolution is being made by common people, brave ones who believe in their projects and make them come true no matter how idealistic or risky they may seem, whether it’s an organic greengrocer’s, an artisan bakery, a bike accessory shop, a bar that sells wine and olive oil in bulk, a flower shop or a bookstore. We have plenty to tell but we are starting this series today with a truly unique place, a real surprise, a gem that brights and breaks all mindsets: it’s called Sandwich Mixto.

    This sandwich is a delicious homemade combination that feeds both body and soul: self-published books (fanzines that can only be found here) and exquisite food and drinks (including a great spanish omelette), all wrapped up in a surprising place that once was a grocery and is now a great spot.

    Virginia and her partner made their dream come true and founded Sandwich Mixto a few months ago. These two talented designers can do something great for you, either if it’s creating a book, a website or a video, serving great coffee and wine while recommending a good book and even organize great concerts on saturday afternoons. If you dare to think you had already seen everything in Madrid, come and explore these markets and you’ll see that there’s still a lot to discover out there…

    Sandwich Mixto is located on the first floor of Mercado de Antón Martín, in Santa Isabel 5, Madrid. Closest Metro station: Antón Martín. You may follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram (@sandwichmixtomadrid), or e-mail them at quieroun(at) and even phone call: +34 910075897.



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  • Motha


    *Edited 2014: Motha has closed on January, 2014. We miss this place so very much!

    These days, more than ever, we’re in need of cozy places to get a dose of optimism and good vibes: Motha is the place to be.

    This café-deli was open just one month ago in our beloved Barrio de las Letras, and we’ve already fallen in love. The philosophy is great: eco-friendly homemade food, healthy and delicious, and a lot of kindness and love to welcome everyone and make them leave with a big smile on their face. As usual, behind a great place there are great people: Dani and Syl, two hard-working optimists who never lose their smile and have managed to launch their beautiful project even in the hardest times.

    This charming café is open all day to serve breakfasts that brighten up any grey day -freshly baked bread included-, a daily menu (12.50€) also available to take away and picnic, a snack or dinner and a 3-step brunch on sundays (26€) that we’re longing to try. On these hot summer days there’s nothing like a lemongrass lemonade and we love the grilled-peach nougat, but really anything coming out from the kitchen is delicious.

    To make the inspiring day complete, you can walk just a few steps away to the museum alley: Reina Sofia now opens on sunday afternoon and there are great exhibitions that no one should miss at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Hopper) and Prado (Rafael and Murillo).

    Motha Café-Deli is located in calle Santa María 39, Madrid (Barrio de las Letras). Closest Metro station Antón Martín (Line 1). Opens from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 11pm, Friday & Saturday until 1am and Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. Contact: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and phone +34 91 369 73 36. They have a cool blog called Esto es


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  • La Piola

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    We recently spent a good afternoon wandering through one of our favorite neighbourhoods, el Barrio de las Letras, between Sol and the “Museum triangle”. We enjoyed taking some pictures at Ad.hoc (our beloved flower & clothes store) and chatting with the owner, and right after drinking a cup of good coffee at its neighbour, La Piola. This café will catch your eye while you walk along this street, with its open window and a vase with beautiful blooming flowers. We were lucky to get the best table, the one with the views to the street -calle León- one of the most beautiful streets in Madrid, full of wonderful places. The atmosphere in this café is quiet and cozy during the daytime -there is always someone on its own with a book or a laptop- and pretty vibrant at night. It´s open all day, from morning ’til night, and you can either have breakfast, lunch -don’t expect great dishes but there are some salads, pasta and tostas that make it-, tea with a piece of homemade cake, beers or cocktails. You can take a look at the menu in advance here. Good atmosphere, good music, plenty of natural light and acceptable prices (coffee 1,40€, cañas 1,40€, mojito 7€). Highly recommended.

    Bar La Piola is located in calle León 9, Madrid (Barrio de las Letras / Cortes). Metro station Antón Martín (Line 1). Opens everyday from 10am to 1am. Contact via Facebook.

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

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  • Ad.hoc + Vinca per Vinca

    Fotos: Madrid y

    Today we are bringing a very special place: possibly the most beautiful shop in the quarter called “Barrio de Las Letras”, between the Museum Triangle and the city center. Ad.hoc is two stores in one space: on one side, it’s a clothes & accessories shop, on the other, a flower shop. We know that it’s not a very common combination and that’s exactly what we love about it. It’s easy guessing the wonderful scent you can feel from the minute you step across the door… Vinca per Vinca Flower Desings are in charge of the flower selection, a small but exquisite pick very different from what we’re used to see at regular flower shops in Madrid. You can buy the flowers here or make an order for a special day or event. Regarding the clothes and the accesories, in Ad.hoc you will find a selection of items from different designers, ranging from hairbands to necklaces, hairpins or bags. There’s also a small but great selection of music and art items. The good point is that whatever your style is, you can sure find something original you like here. Definately a unique place worth a visit… When coming, don’t forget stopping by before or after at La Mojigata or Casa González, two fantastic neighbours we love.

    Ad.hoc y Vinca per Vinca are located in calle León 11, Madrid. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:30 am to 2:30 am and from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Contact:

    Fotos: Madrid y

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