• Margarita se llama mi amor


    Wandering around Alonso Martínez (Las Salesas neighborhood) we came across this flower shop and thought Mrs. Dalloway would buy her flowers here. Of course we would do so, too, we would even quit our jobs and become florists just to be surrounded by this at least 8 hours a day. We lost track of time taking pictures (it was hard to stop) and chatting with the florist, who is indeed a wonderful expert.

    Margarita se llama mi amor was open a few months ago as a “collateral effect” of a Cacto-Cacto’s success, a flower shop specialized in cactus -actually the only one in Madrid-, a place we love too and that has been in the place next door for years. But there’s something about “Margarita” that makes her unique and special: all kinds of flowers, all beautiful and some of them hard to find somewhere else in Madrid, their arrangement, the light that floods the whole place, the background music, the kindness, the good taste. In addition to cut fresh flowers, they have potted plants for both interior and exterior, vases and pots, and they prepare special arrangements for events and send flowers home.

    Really worth coming, entering and feeling in a whole different world, leaving with a good bouquet and a bright smile. Love and flowers, never too much.

    Love and laugh if love comes / cry loudly if it doesn’t / diamonds grow nothing / manure grows flowers.”

    Fabrizio de André

    Margarita se llama mi amor is located in calle Fernando VI 9, Madrid. Metro Alonso Martínez (Lines 4, 5 and 10). Contact by phone +34 91 02 59 809, e-mail (contacto or follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

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  • Mistura

    As we got back to the city from our summer holidays, Madrid gave us a really “warm” welcome worth great icecream. Although we are faithful to our all-time favorite icecream parlor Alboraya (and for some strange reason it is not yet in our blog, but it soon will be) we decided to broaden our horizons and went to the brand new Mistura.

    Madrid has been invaded by frozen yogurt, but Carlos and Carmelo have come to surprise everybody with their handcrafted icecream, both healthy and tasty. We loved the pistachio and chocolate chip one, creamy and rich, but not too sweet. What makes Mistura different from the rest is that they make your own mix in front of your eyes, with the flavor and toppings (nuts, fresh fruit, cookies or brownies, jams home …) of your choice on a frozen granite slab. The texture and flavor are just great. There are more options for lactose-intolerants: sorbets, juices and smoothies with fresh & seasonal fruit, good coffee and fair trade tea with some baked goods.

    We have been conquered by their good work but also their sustainability philosophy. They use top quality ingredients from local producers (such as milk and cream coming from a farm near Madrid) or fair trade goods (coffee and tea). Also, they make their own icecream, use recyclable packaging and even their shop has been made with recycled wood (by Madrid in Love interior design studio) following energy efficiency criteria.

    A discovery that will make us easier and sweeter coming back to the city. Enjoy!

    Mistura is located in calle Augusto Figueroa 5, Madrid. Metro: Chueca (Line 5), Tribunal (Lines 1 & 10). Opens 7/7 from 10am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday til midnight. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or contact by mail or phone +34 91 755 63 91.


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  • Espacio Malmö


    Updated 22/04/2015: Espacio Malmö is now closed!

    It’s Christmas time and we are happy to keep finding wonderful places that may help us with Christmas presents supporting local brands and independent stores, just like every little present in our list of unique gifts. Today we’re bringing a new place that recently opened in Chueca neighbourhood, just a couple steps away from Fuencarral street.

    It’s Malmö, a collaborative shop where you can find a great selection of Spanish and Portuguese independent designers, treats to give or keep: a long list of beautiful things, from the accesories by Saako Design, the necklaces by Paseo en Poni, the notebooks and illustrations by Isabel Reyes Feeney and the dolls by Don’t Call Me Doll to the original clothes by ElSuso, Weekend Barber shoes, the amazing bags by Zubi or the ceramics by Aitor Saraiba. You can find more info and links to every artist here here.

    Besides all, in the back of the store there is a room where they organize activities like vintage design markets, happenings and workshops. These days you can enjoy a great exhibition: Les_Ciseaux collages.

    We love the spreading of places like this where you get warm attention and promote the work of upcoming artists who may not have a physical place to sell their creations. We truly recommend you not to miss this spot where you will find that special thing to surprise the people you love!

    Espacio Malmö is located in calle Hernán Cortés 14, Madrid. Closest Metro stations Tribunal (Lines 1 & 10) and Chueca (Line 5). You may contact them by phone (+34 91 522 9307) or keep updated via Facebook.





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  • Le Café Bistrot de l’Institut Français


    Today we’re sharing a secret. This is one of those places that we doubt wether keeping it to ourselves or spreading the word, afraid that it might become a “hotspot” and instantly lose all its charme. But let’s keep it “petit comité”. This is the place to be these early summer days in Madrid: le Café Bistrot de l’Institut Français, a café with a kind of terrace that’s missing in Madrid: quiet, nice and cool, in a courtyard filled with plants, somewhere away from traffic, cars and noise… and also where you won’t have to sell your kidney to pay the bill.

    This café has a special air (so french, of course) and a terrace that no one can beat. It’s open to anyone -not just their students- and the only “problem” is their opening hours: only from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. If you are lucky enough to be able to come during the week, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a good breakfast including a true French croissant (2,20€) or lunch (first and second course, dessert, drink and coffee) for 11€. They also prepare some homemade goods such as cakes, quiches and sandwiches (4€) and good coffee (1,50€).

    We suggest taking some time after and have a look at the interesting exhibitions or watch a good film; the Institute organizes a good number of cultural activities including French cinema seasons for free. You can check out their programme here. This month we recommend you the open-air cinema in their courtyard, it’s cool and it’s free, and you can check it out here: “Summer Cinema: From the book to the screen“.

    This wonderful space is available for renting in case you wish to organize a private event. We wish!

    L’Institut Français de Madrid is located in calle Marqués de la Ensenada 12, Madrid. Metro stations: Colón (Line 4) and Alonso Martínez (Lines 4, 5 & 10). Opens from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. Phone number: +34 917004834.


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  • Café Oliver

    It´s time for terraces in Madrid, and although this place doesn´t have one, its huge windows will make you feel as if you were right outside. The legendary Café Oliver couldn’t be better located, in the middle of Almirante Street, in Alonso Martínez, a neighbourhood we love because of its calm, despite being in the very center.

    Café Oliver is well known for its Sunday brunch, and although it’s not easy to find a free table (they don´t accept bookings in advance) and the “high” price (25 euros per person), we can assure it’s worth it. The brunch is authentic and complete: starts with coffee, natural juice, yoghourt and fresh bread and bakery; followed by a first and second course to choose (we recommend the benedictine eggs). It’s definetely worth its price, not only because the food is delicious but also for the surroundings: this is a cozy place recalling the top of bruch cities, -New York, New York- where you will be willing to spend the whole Sunday morning, no rushes, with friends, and enjoying the peace without cell phones.

    The Sunday plan would be just perfect if you end up going for a walk around the neighbourhood and visiting the Kirchner exhibition at the Mapfre Fundation (Paseo de Recoletos 23), a few steps away from Café Oliver. This is definately one of the best exhibitios at the moment in Madrid and the entrance is free. Before leaving, don’t forget to drop by its bookstore, La Central, where we spend hours everytime we go… we would buy everything in the store! Most of the times we content ourselves with just a little dose of inspiration.

    Café Oliver. Located in c/ Almirante 12, Madrid (clic to see the map)

    Opening Hours: from Monday to Thursday 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm and 9 pm to 12 pm. Fridays and Saturdays: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm and 9 pm to 1 am.
    Sunday Brunch is availaible from 11:30 am to 4 pm.

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

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  • Amaté

    Amate Madrid

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    Los amantes del té y en general de los desayunos y meriendas sabemos que no hay nada tan reconfortante como una taza de buen té en buena compañía, dos cosas sencillas que no siempre se encuentran fácilmente. El buen té se puede conseguir en varios sitios en Madrid, pero en Amaté se puede encontrar mucho más. Este es un lugar para darse un capricho, o regalarlo. Además de los tés y las infusiones, a granel o de marcas importadas como Harney & Sons, se puede comprar todo lo necesario para prepararlo -teteras, filtros, tazas- y algunas exquisiteces para acompañarlo, como las clásicas cookies inglesas. Para aprendices de cocinillas tienen kits con todos los ingredientes preparados para hacer cupcakes y galletas en casa y bandejas de cristal para presentar tartas, como las de las pastelerías de antaño. También hay un pequeño surtido de sales y aceites con denominación de origen.

    Amate Madrid

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    Lo que nos más nos gusta de esta tienda es el cuidado de cada detalle, tanto en la forma como en el contenido. Nos sorpendió la cantidad de cosas que tienen para hacer fiestas (platos y vasos de papel, invitaciones, servilletas, a los que tengáis niños cerca os encantará), todo lo necesario para organizar en casa una merienda especial, aunque tenga que ser en petit comité (si no da para más el bolsillo). Otro lugar singular para no perderse en el barrio de Justicia.

    Amate Madrid

    Fotos: Madrid y yo

    Amaté está en la calle Argensola 6, Madrid.

    Horario: de 10,30h-14,30h y de 17,30h-20,30h (Lunes por la mañana cerrado)

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  • Ecomania

    Foto: Madrid y yo 

    Se acercan las navidades, época de compras muchas veces descontrolada, y cada vez a más gente se nos plantea el dilema de cómo hacer regalos sin caer en el consumismo que amenaza una sociedad más sostenible. La respuesta puede venir de iniciativas como esta maravillosa tienda, Ecomanía. Aquí todo lo que se puede comprar, además de ser precioso y original es reciclado o sigue criterios de produccion ética y responsable. Desde pendientes hechos con cápsulas nespresso, botellas de vidrio reconvertidas en vasos y posavasos, cuencos de bambú, teléfonos antiguos convertidos en lámpara, postales y cuadernos de papel reciclado con mensajes geniales (un corazón con tirita que segura que “sabemos que se cura”, o frases de Woody Allen que no tienen desperdicio). Un  lugar estupendo donde inspirarse para encontrar ese regalo que no encuentras sabiendo que además estás haciendo un gesto que fomenta otro tipo de consumo.

    Foto: Madrid y yo

    Aprovechando que estamos hablando de esta tienda, queremos hacer eco del siguiente vídeo, que ellos mismo han puesto también en su página. Se llama “La Historia de las Cosas” y ya ha recibido millones de visitas. Si todavía no lo has visto, no te lo pierdas: míralo aquí.

    Ecomanía está en la calle Belén 4, Madrid. Metro Chueca y Alonso Martínez.

    Horario: de Lunes a Sábado 11,00h – 20,30h.

    Si te pilla mal venir a la tienda, tienes la opotunidad de comprar sin salir de casa en su tienda online.

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  • San Wich

    Foto: Madrid y yo

    Estábamos paseando por el barrio de Justicia, una de las zonas comerciales en plena transformación, y nos topamos con San Wich, un rincón que llama la atención por su diseño -esos azulejos en el suelo- y su lema: “porque un buen sandwich es justo y necesario”. Entramos, probamos y no nos defraudó, fué una digna reconciliación con la comida rápida. Sandwiches (de dos pisos), empanadas chilenas, hot dogs y hamburguesas riquísimas para tomar o llevar, acompañadas de algún dulce (alfajores para los valientes, vasitos de leche asada para los contenidos) y un buen pisco sour. No os dejéis engañar por la sencillez aparente de estos bocadillos, las combinaciones e ingredientes que usan y su pan (hecho in situ) hacen de este rinconcito chileno un lugar especial.

    Aviso a navegantes: este sitio sólo es apto para comidas en petit comité, con sus 4 mesas altas y la barra, pero es perfecto para comer rápido en una inmejorable situación inundada de franquicias insípidas. Otro aliciente es el precio, por menos de 10 euros disfrutas de un hermoso bocata (en cualquiera de sus variedades) y la correspondiente bebida.

    Muy recomendable. Si estáis por la zona, ¡no os lo perdáis!

    Foto: Madrid y yo

    San Wich está en la calle Hortaleza 78, Madrid. Metro Tribunal y Chueca.

    Horario: de lunes a domingo, de 13:30 a 16:00 y de 20:00 a 00:00 (domingo por la tarde cerrado).

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  • Olivia Te Cuida

    Café en Madrid

    Olivia Te Cuida es, como su propio nombre indica, un lugar para dejarse cuidar, y es que aquí puedes desayunar, comer o hacer brunch con la total seguridad de que todo está hecho con mimo y con conciencia de lo que es comer bien. Está en Alonso Martínez, una zona que creo que está en plena transformación, aunque precisamente no abundan los sitios para comer bien, bueno y sano. Nuestra única pega es su reducido horario, de lunes a viernes de 9 de la mañana a 6 de la tarde, que lo pone difícil a los que trabajamos en ese mismo horario, lejos del centro de Madrid.

    Café en Madrid

    Para nosotras fue una preciosa excepción que abriera el sábado para poder escuchar el silencio de la mañana de este barrio que enmudece poco, para ponerse al día y darse cuenta de todo lo que nos queda por contar, para inspirarse y quitarse las ideas y los proyectos de la boca, y sobre todo para deleitarse con un buenísimo café, yogur con muesli, pizzeta (pregunta por ella aunque no esté en la carta), verrine de limón y mango, y tartaleta de frutos rojos. Y por si te quedas con ganas de más, venden su propia mermelada con diferentes especias (probada y recomendada!).

    Olivia Te Cuida está en la calle Santa Teresa 8, Madrid.

    Horario: de Lunes a Viernes de 9 a 18h.

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