• Vino & Compañía


    “If we knew how to savor wine, bread, a friendship, we would know also how to savor each moment of our lives with respect and listen to the happy quiet moment that passes.” Jean Trémolières.

    Life changes when you start savouring pretty much everything, and this beautiful wine shop is a good place to enjoy and learn. Behind this beautiful burgundy façade and suggestive name, Vino & Compañía (Wine & Company), there is one of our favorite stores in Madrid. Andrés González, an expert sommelier, is the soul of this project founded three years ago in one of our most beloved spots of the city: Olavide square. We were really impressed with his great selection of wines and champagne for the unforgettable clandestine dinner we enjoyed a few months ago.

    There are many wine shops in Madrid but what makes Vino & Compañía unique and special is definitely the personal and exquisite attention delivered by Andrés. It’s easy to get lost among its more than 800 different wines, cavas and champagnes from all over the world, but Andrés helps you find the perfect bottle for every occasion, taste and of course, for every pocket. Besides, you can enjoy a tasting course for beginners or a thematic one, like a cheese & wine session that is already on our “to do” list. It’s a good idea for presents or a place to organise a party with friends, since they organize private events for groups.

    Definitely one of our favorite stores, a place to savor the moment, to peacefully enjoy company and of course, wine. You’ll love it.

    Who is able to taste does not ever drink wine, but tastes secrets.” Salvador Dalí.

    Vino & Compañía is located in Plaza de Olavide 5, Madrid. Closest Metro stations Bilbao (Lines 1 & 4), Quevedo (Line 2) & Iglesia (Line 1). Open from Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 9pm. Contact by phone +34 91 444 1278, email or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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  • Blanca 6

    Blanca 6 · Fotos:

    We got to know this beautiful place, located in the peaceful street Blanca de Navarra, walking around the neighbourhood of Alonso Martínez. And it was a wise move, we had to know this place: the decoration here is just perfect, very simple with brick walls and wooden tables and a very cozy atmosphere, with plants and fresh flowers spread all over the place, and a radiant light coming through the large windows. With all that, the owners have created something different from other places in Madrid trying to imitate this style without success.

    In Blanca 6, however, you can definitely feel the care of a personal project, a very kind service and a very small but thoroughly worked menu. They make a great burguer, entrecôte and chicken curry, but also delicious homemade soups and desserts, like a cheesecake you shouldn’t miss. The only con we have found may be the cold at the times where it’s less crowded; althought we are sure that will be a good point when the very hot summer comes to Madrid. Meanwhile, a good option is to go for dinner and stay for a drink afterwards, since it opens till late and it’s busier then. It’s no doubt a different plan in this neighbourhood where there are more and more interesting places opening lately. Don’t miss it!

    Blanca 6 is located in calle Blanca de Navarra 6, Madrid. Closest Metro station Alonso Martínez (lines 4, 5 & 10). Opens on Monday from 11:30am to 7pm, and from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:30am to 1am. It’s a small place, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance: +34 91 310 32 66.

    Blanca 6 · Fotos:

    Blanca 6 · Fotos:

    Blanca 6 · Fotos:

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  • Le Café Bistrot de l’Institut Français


    Today we’re sharing a secret. This is one of those places that we doubt wether keeping it to ourselves or spreading the word, afraid that it might become a “hotspot” and instantly lose all its charme. But let’s keep it “petit comité”. This is the place to be these early summer days in Madrid: le Café Bistrot de l’Institut Français, a café with a kind of terrace that’s missing in Madrid: quiet, nice and cool, in a courtyard filled with plants, somewhere away from traffic, cars and noise… and also where you won’t have to sell your kidney to pay the bill.

    This café has a special air (so french, of course) and a terrace that no one can beat. It’s open to anyone -not just their students- and the only “problem” is their opening hours: only from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. If you are lucky enough to be able to come during the week, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a good breakfast including a true French croissant (2,20€) or lunch (first and second course, dessert, drink and coffee) for 11€. They also prepare some homemade goods such as cakes, quiches and sandwiches (4€) and good coffee (1,50€).

    We suggest taking some time after and have a look at the interesting exhibitions or watch a good film; the Institute organizes a good number of cultural activities including French cinema seasons for free. You can check out their programme here. This month we recommend you the open-air cinema in their courtyard, it’s cool and it’s free, and you can check it out here: “Summer Cinema: From the book to the screen“.

    This wonderful space is available for renting in case you wish to organize a private event. We wish!

    L’Institut Français de Madrid is located in calle Marqués de la Ensenada 12, Madrid. Metro stations: Colón (Line 4) and Alonso Martínez (Lines 4, 5 & 10). Opens from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. Phone number: +34 917004834.


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  • Cafetería HD

    Fotos: ©

    La cafetería HD mantiene muchos de los elementos del lugar original, una cafetería de las de toda la vida, donde todos podríamos imaginarnos a nuestro abuelo apostado en la barra en plenos años 60. Ahora, la ya archi-extendida moda vintage ha hecho las delicias de este encanto decadente tan típico español y ha resultado (sorprendentemente) una mezcla muy acertada. Algunos clasifican ya sus hamburguesas como las mejores de Madrid… Hay mucha competencia pero está claro que este sitio estaría entre los primeros. Sobre todo por sus precios, más que razonables y ¡sus 56 ginebras! Nos consta que el chico que las prepara lo hace con conocimiento de causa, nada de vasos de tubo ni la típica sweppes.

    Lo recomendamos a cualquier hora, en HD no sólo se puede comer y cenar sino también merendar o desayunar.

    Fotos: ©

    La cafetería HD pertenece al grupo LAMUSA y está en la calle Guzmán el Bueno 67, Madrid.

    Horario: de Lunes a Jueves de 8 a 24h. Viernes de 8 a 1,30h. Sábados de  10 a 1,30h y Domingos de 10 a 24h

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