As you know, in this blog we like to discover new special spots in Madrid, those coming  from people creating personal, small and original business. Accordingly, we would never talk about a place inside a mall, but today we’re making an exception for David Muñoz’ new spot. He has recruited an exceptional crew for this little corner on the 9th floor of one of the biggest shopping centers in the city: El Corte Inglés, in Plaza de Callao. StreetXO is the new experiment by this chef -who has already earned two Michelin stars in his main restaurant, DiverXO- and here he has picked a small group of young but wise cooks offering his asian fusion cuisine to the ones who, like us, love to eat but can’t afford going to expensive restaurants (here dishes are about 10-13 €).

Indeed, this is not your typical go-to restaurant: you will eat either at the bar with loud techno music or take your tray to one of the tables (if you’re lucky enough to get one) by the windows with one of the most incredible views of Madrid, overlooking the magnificent Gran Vía. Either way, although they call it “street food” and the cooks work frantically, these guys know very well what they do and how to do it. It might be a project behind a big name in a big mall, but the care and excitement are savoured in every detail.

The menu is short, but every dish is just great since there is a cook completely dedicated to it. 8 dishes, 8 cooks. Amazing, isn’t it? We’ve tried the beef in the picture (not always available), the justifiedly famous chilli crab, and the cocido dumplings (otherworldly). We warn you: some suggestions are risky but don’t doubt to ask for advice and trust them, you will get a tasty surprise.

StreetXO is located in El Corte Inglés (on the 6th floor, the “Gourmet Experience” area), in Calle Serrano 52, Madrid . Closest Metro station Serrano (line 4). More info on Twitter (@StreetXoMadrid).



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4 Responses to StreetXO

  1. Mmmmm! Venga, va, le daremos una oportunidad al Corte Inglés. Las vistas tienen que ser la leche, no?
    Gracias, majas! A ver si nos vemos!!

  2. Ayer mismo estuve por esa 9ª planta tomando algo en la Central Mexicana y curioseando un poquito. Desde que han abierto he ido unas cuantas veces pero nunca a la hora de comer, una pena porque StreetXO ocupa el primer lugar en mi lista desde que abrieron el espacio gourmet. Después de ver vuestro post no puedo dejarlo pasar mucho más tiempo ^^

  3. Heva says:

    Buenísima la foto que abre el post y eso que soy vegetariana pero no puedo evitar mirar las fotos culinarias tengan lo que tengan jeje Seguro que algún plato de verduritas encontraré :)

  4. Como apasionados por la cocina y llamados a la aventura que somos, tendremos que visitar el lugar y saborear esa carta! Nos encantó el post, después de estas líneas la visita al local es inevitable. Más adelante re-compartiremos la experiencia!

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