Nuevo Café Barbieri

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Nuevo Café Barbieri has the inner charm of those timeless faded cafés which have maintained the old days’ spirit. Indeed, this place was stablished back in 1902, in the traditional neighbourhood of Lavapiés. We wonder how many stories and conversations have taken place among the mirrors of this fascinating cafe… It’s a perfect place for a coffee or a cup of tea in the early evening, but even better for a drink later. It is actually our favourite moment, when it gets dark, the music was turn up and the atmosphere shifted between the cool jazz and the warm lights. The café also hosts a lot of activities, exhibitions and concerts (singer-songwriters mostly). So, now that vintage is in vogue and all places long to have a history they can’t fake… don’t you feel like going to an authentic place like this?

New Café Barbieri is located in Ave María 45, Madrid. Metro Station Lavapiés (Line 3). Opening hours: Sundays-Thurdays 12am to 2am and Fridays and Saturdays until 3am.

Fotos: Madrid y

Fotos: Madrid y

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2 Responses to Nuevo Café Barbieri

  1. zer0gluten says:

    Me encantaría.
    Estais poniendo sitios tan interesantes que cuando vaya a la capital, no voy a tener días en la agenda.
    Un besote y feliz domingo.

  2. Marta says:


    Tienes una sorpresilla en mi blog ;) ¡¡Espero que te guste!!


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