We are sure that by now you all have heard about Madreat, the food truck fair held in Madrid every month where some of the best restaurants in the city meet. For those who don´t know it yet, or for those who haven´t drop by: you´re missing one of the best plans in town! We went there for the first time about two years ago, when the fair was located in the botanical garden of the Complutense University, and they but soon changed the location, and the truth is that ever since it hasn´t done anything but improving.

For a time the fair has been located in Azca, in a peculiar and uncharted space among those who do not work in “downtown” Madrid. It´s like a small hidden oasis at the back of the Picasso Tower. And now, and temporarily until they complete the works of Azca, it is held in Pabellón Ondarreta located in Casa de Campo.

Street food trucks began in the United States but in the last years it has become trendier in Spain. We are glad these initiatives succeed in our country since it makes it easier for food lovers who decide to take the plunge and start an entrepreneurship on their own. Several interesting projects, such as Street Food Mad, are emerging lately to give advise, support and encouragement to any proposal related to the “street food” world.

What we like the most about Madreat is that it gives you the opportunity to taste dishes from a selection of excellent restaurants in Madrid outdoors and at a very affordable price. Arzábal, Triciclo, Mexican Tepic, the Asian-Peruvian cuisine of Chifa, or the awarded a Michelin star Kabuki are just some examples of the amazing cuisines you can try here. Among our favorites are the steamed buns of Chuka Ramen Bar, patties of La Finca, or tapas from Arzábal. All accompanied with a good vermouth Zarro or beer La Virgen. Everytime that we´ve tried something new we´ve been rarely disappointed: selection commitee knows perfectly what they´re doing. It´s no surprise then that there´s more and more restaurants joining this event. Some of the most recent incorporations include Picsa, one of our favorite pizzerias in Ponzano street run by the partners of Sudestada and Chifa, or Tuk Tuk, the Southeast Asian street food restaurant that has become so popular lately. We could spend hours writing about each of the food trucks, so you better come and try for yourselves.

We also love the atmosphere and it´s a  perfect plan for coming for lunch or for an open-air dinner. We always try to spend as much time outside as we can as long as the weather is good, so now that spring and summer are coming, we can´t think of a better plan. The only thing you should take into account is that it usually gets crowded and you will probably have to wait for long in each food truck. So we highly recommend to avoid peak hours. Besides that, you will only have to bring your sunglasses, comfortable clothes in case you have to lay on the grass, and your empty bellies!

Next call is this weekend, so don´t miss it! It will be held in April 16 and 17 from 12 am tp 12 pm on Saturday and from 12 am to 6 pm on Sunday in Pabellón de Ondarreta at Casa de Campo (Calle Principal de Provincias, Madrid). Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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