We know we´ve been AWOL for the last few months due to several professional and personal projects we´ve been immersed in, but now we´re back to continue sharing our favorite places in Madrid. Those who makes us fall in love with our city everyday. A lot has happened during this time, many good thingsothers not so good. We´ve learned that even the best times often come with some setbacks, but I am convinced that, as Lola Mayenco says, there´s always something to celebrate.

Today we recommend what we consider the perfect spot to honor life, one that has already become one of our definite favorites: Macera. What we love about it goes far beyond the industrial-style place and the easygoing atmosphere every day of the week. To us, the best thing about Macera is the dedication of its skillful bartenders and the chance of drinking high-quality, non-branded alcohol. Moreover, we think drinks are even better than big brands cocktails, you won´t have a hangover the following morning (we know what we´re talking about) and they´re as reasonable as 7 euros each. The mechanics is simple: traditional distilleries provide them with the alcohol and they brew it with different spices and fruits in beautiful alchemist bottles that everyone can see. And here is where Macera team´s talent comes out. The promoter of this project, Narciso Bermejo, comes from cocktail bars as renowned as O’Clock’s in Salamanca neighborhood. But besides Narciso, any member of Macera can advise or even customize the cocktail that’s in your mind even if it´s not written on the menu. Our particular favorites are the gin-tonic made with apple-brewed gin, the classical cosmopolitan, and also negroni but the truth is that every time we dare with a different drink, it never disappoints us.

Something great about Macera is that you definetely can say its team has really gelled, which is why the place will be probably crowded if you get there after 9 pm. But though it is preferable to try to go in not so peak hours, these people handle the crowds with a master which reminisce the most traditional bars. Indeed, despite the modern atmosphere, you can also feel the spirit of traditions in Macera: not for nothing their motto is “only the heart remains“. There is nothing fake here, and that´s something that definitely sets them apart from the tons of hipster bars that have arised in Malasaña. Narciso Bermejo explains this beautifully in this video.

 Although we´ve become addicted to their cocktailsMacera is open from 1 pm, and you can also have an easy lunch with homemade sandwiches, cakes or biscuits. If you go in the afternoon (and don´t dare with the gin and tonic yet ), you can enjoy a premium coffee made with coffee makers as difficult to find as the Chemex. Finally, if you want to learn the techniques from Macera team, don´t hesitate to sign up for one of their workshops. They will teach you how to brew your drinks and how to prepare your own cocktails at home. Bottles of crafted drinks are also avalaible for purchase on request. So if you want something different and away from the big brands either for trying outside or at home, you know where to go!

Macera is located in calle San Mateo 21 (Metro station Alonso Martínez). Opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 pm. Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 1 am, Thursdays until 2 am, Fridays and Saturdays until 3:30 am, and Sundays until 11:30 pm. Follow them on Facebook not to miss anything.

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