La Fiambrera

We discovered this wonderful new shop in Malasaña wandering around the lively Pez street. The truth is that we jumped into it as soon as we saw it from the other side of the street, and that’s because even though the neighborhood is full of design shops, it is actually hard to find something truly original. La Fiambrera (“Lunchbox” in Spanish) is clearly an exception: this bookshop, design store, art gallery and café is different for every other, and its hallmark is great design and a tribute to popular culture.

All in this space, from the design and illustration books to the furniture, decorative objects, ceramics, lamps, vintage clothes and accesories, have one thing in common: they have been made by a small but very carefully selected group of designers (mostly from Spain), difficult to find in other stores in Madrid. And this is thanks to Maite and Ruth, and their well-experienced criteria as museologists. These two brave entrepreneurs have worked around the clock to make their dream come true and create a space of their own., and they’ve succeeded to do so. They are currently exclusive representatives of amazing artists such as Fernando Vicente, whose illustrations combining art and anatomy are wonderful.

In fact, what it´s truly special about this shop is that every single item speaks for itself. In addition to the original works that can be purchased here, La Fiambrera is full of things that we would take home without a second thought. We are completely marveled with Antonio Serrano’s furniture, who after a lifetime working in design started Mad Lab, a small company whose main aim is to provide objects and timeless furniture with an inner value and to “make our lives kinderWe also liked the colorful and funny pop virgins by Props Malasaña, the vintage clothing by Rete Poino, the pieces of jewelry by the architect converted into jeweller Marta Fernádez de Lugo, the bowties by BoB of which we are absolute fans, and many other treasures to discover. Another of our findings has been the Lautem bags, a brand that creates really unique items.

Maite Valderrama y Ruth López-Diéguez
Maite Valderrama y Ruth López-Diéguez
Maite Valderrama y Ruth López-Diéguez

To enjoy everything this place has to offer, there is a small café where you can have breakfast, a coffee or a snack. They have different kinds of artisan beer, great coffee and artisan pastries. There’s also a delicious selection of gourmet products that you can take home, such as olive oil and preserves by La Chinata or the famous chocolates by San PancracioRegarding this gourmet side, for us it has been a great discover the designer David Santiago, from Cantabria, who makes wonderful wooden cutting boards, 

La Fiambrera has opened its doors very recently and is currently presenting their first exhibition by Sonia Pulido. She´s become popular for her work in books like “Hunting Rabbits” by Mario Levrero or “The art of imperfection in the kitchen“. Here we have found that she also illustrates ceramics and the result is absolutely beautiful, don’t miss it.

Visiting an exhibition, diving among treasures and enjoying a good coffee and conversation a great plan for a winter afternoon in Madrid, isn’t it?

La Fiambrera is located in calle Pez 7, Madrid.
Metro Station Gran Vía (L1 y L5) and Noviciado (L2).
Opening hours: from 10:30-14:30 and  16:00-21:00. Saturdays and Sundays 12:30 – 21:00.
Contact: Facebook / Phone +34 917046030.

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