La Ciudad Invisible


If you love travelling (and we’re sure you do) you must discover La Ciudad Invisible, the Invisible City. This café bookshop for travellers is an unforgettable and peaceful place, right in the heart of Madrid, hidden in a narrow street between Opera and Callao. It has been open for less than one month but it’s so cozy and warm that it seems to have been here for a lifetime.

Four entrepreneur globetrotters are behind this wonderful project, based on the idea of creating a meeting point for travellers, a place to share experiences and advice while having a coffee and taking a look at their guides, or surfing the web – free wi-fi is included. If you are planning to go on a trip, they will help out or find someone else who has already been there, just to share valuable information on a face-to-face conversation.

To make this dream come true, they have hired greatly talented people: Triscaideca -a couple of interior designers with a promising future- and the amazing BoaMistura, who designed and painted their beautiful logo. All together have created a space where you feel right at home, with a great dose of kindness, good café, food and drinks, shared knowledge, comfy couches, wooden tables, shelves full of guides and great background music.

They love networking and bringing people together, that’s why they also organize language exchange sessions and debates. The basement is a perfect spot to organize this kind of events, so if you have any idea or just want to share your travelling experiences, don’t hesitate to tell, they will be glad to work it out. You can also collaborate with their own bookcrossing project by giving away the travel guides that you are not going to use anymore.

We love their philosophy that is willing to support a different kind of tourism, a more responsible and ethic one and also more interesting and sustainable, so our trip is not only a great experience for us but also for the world around. La Ciudad Invisible is open almost always, from early morning til midnight. They prepare a good breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea and cakes, shakes and drinks. We are looking forward to go back really soon.

La Ciudad Invisible is located in calle Costanilla de los Ángeles 7, Madrid. Metro Stations Ópera (Lines 2 and 5) and Callao (Lines 3 and 5). It opens everyday excep Mondays; from Tuesday to Thursday from 11 am till midnight; Fridays from 11 am till 2:30 am; Saturdays from 12 pm till 2:30 am and Sundays from 12 pm till midnight. You can also follow them on facebook and twitter.



9 Responses to La Ciudad Invisible

  1. aniludice says:

    Peeeero qué sitio más mono y qué idea más buena. Les deseo muchísimos años de vida. Este puente me caigo por ahí, seguro. ¡Gracias chicas!

  2. ¡Me encanta este sitio! El domingo por la tarde estuve allí tomando un café y leyendo un rato, son súper simpáticos. Ah, y un café con leche de soja y una mini palmera por 1.40€, nada mal.

    Me pilla casi al lado de casa así que seguiré volviendo a menudo :)

  3. tiene una pinta estupenda. Bss

  4. Marta says:

    Me han robado la idea jejeje!!! Seguro que sera un espacio unico y ya lo he apuntado…

  5. Isabel says:

    Toda la vida viajando sin planificar nada me ha demostrado que es una equivocación, lo mejor es tener además de una guía la opinión de la gente que ha estado allá donde piensas ir de aventura. Enhorabuena por la propuesta y la idea de La Ciudad Invisible.

  6. mcarmen says:

    El nombre promete, he pasado varias veces por la puerta, sin oportunidad de entrar…

  7. Pilar says:

    Esta tarde ire a conocer.

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