FLOWRS Mercado Anton Martin

“For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, as long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.”

Edward Paul Abbey

Antón Martín’s Market is a wonderland, an apparently ordinary place where you always find something extraordinary. For us, it is the most interesting market of Madrid along with San Fernando, two places that don’t appear on guides but have more life and charm than any other. We love to see how they have transformed from a plain food market to a hotspot, supporting local small business, entrepreneurs and encouraging a different kind of consumption, much more responsible, conscious and fun. Here, traditional food market stalls share their space in harmony with new and surprising business that one wouldn’t expect in this kind of place: from a design studio that sells auto-edited fanzines to fruit shops with local produce, a small Japanese take-away or another one that makes unforgettable sandwiches, or a dance school, and much more. We would spend hours in this place, but mostly we lose track of time in a corner that has made us fall in love, a florist’s dream: FLOWRS.

It is very special, not only for being inside a food’s market but mostly for its spirit: here we find a huge variety of flowers and plants that we have never seen anywhere else, flowers that seem to be freshly picked from the field or cut from a lush garden and take you automatically there. The display changes often, adapting to each season, and now it is full of tulips, freesias, ranunculus, mimosas, hyacinths, roses, ferns and begoniasTaking these flowers is bringing home the spring itself.

FLOWRS is the dream come true Leticia Rodriguez, a passionate and inspiring woman who tells us her story and makes us think that if you really want to do it (and you work hard), you can do it. She is an art specialist who worked in galleries for a long time, years later she founded the company Let‘s Room rental charming apartments in Madrid for short and long stays, long before it seemed “normal” to stay anywhere but in a hotel. She always welcomed her guests with flowers and of course they loved it; she realized that there it was her passion. She found an available space in her neighbourhood’s market and against all odds, the crisis and the voices that told her it was a crazy idea, she opened her flower shop one year ago, in January 2014.

Along with Beatriz, her right hand, they are able to do wonders. It’s fascinating to contemplate them work and compose with a few flowers, some leaves and branches an spectacular bouquet, so delicate, simple and elegant at the same time, something that goes far beyond being something nice” to be something with “superpowers” able to transform a space or a day. Bringing flowers anytime, for a beloved one or for yourself, for no special reason except brighten any day with this premise their prices are accessible to all budgets and for 10 euros you can take home a beautiful bouquet, able to transform any corner.

They prepare bouquets and floral arrangements of all kinds, decorate spaces (from individual homes to hotels, restaurants and shops) and perform landscaping projects. You can pick them up here at the market or order by phone and they will send them home, without any delivery costs, to anywhere in Madrid city.

In the place right next to FLOWRS they have just opened La Cacharrería de FLOWRS“, a space where we find the perfect complements to our flowers: terracotta and ceramic pots, wonderful vases, mâché-paper containers or metal cans, many of them found in stores antiques and flea markets around the world. They also sell a very special product, jellies made from flower petals, manufactured at the Museum of The Jam in L’Ampurdá.

Leticia tells us that the FLOWRS project has many branches and these days she is working on a field in Guadalajara (very close to Madrid) where she is cultivating her own varieties of flowers and will be soon in her shop. A place we can’t wait to discovering, where she will very soon start organizing workshops we won’t miss.

Address: Mercado de Antón Martín. Calle Santa Isabel 5, Madrid
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm, and from 5 to 8pm. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
Contact and orders: phone (+34) 91 429 0616 / 638 480 359 ; e-mail: welcome@flowrs.es or Facebook.
You can also follow them on Instagram.

pd. We enjoyed so much taking photographs here… if you wish to see more, come and enjoy our Flickr.

5 Responses to FLOWRS Mercado Anton Martin

  1. Mil Delicias says:

    El arte floral es eso precisamente, un arte y quien lo domina hace maravillas.
    Las flores dan vida, colorido y belleza a cualquier estancia.
    Gracias por dar a conocer otro lugar interesante :)

  2. Iaia says:

    Yo chicas, como bien sabéis, soy la fan número uno de esta caja de tesoros que es Flowrs! Me encantan las fotos y que difundáis este proyecto! Muak!

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