• 13 April, 2016 • Views: 7189


    We are sure that by now you all have heard about Madreat, the food truck fair held in Madrid every month where some of

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  • 22 November, 2013 • Views: 7796

    La Fábrica

    It was a Sunday morning and the sun was shining so bright, we couldn’t help but rush outside and enjoy Madrid. We

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  • 12 April, 2013 • Views: 7818

    Círculo de Bellas Artes’ Rooftop

    There are many ways to look at Madrid, and what we like the most about this city, to which we dedicate our blog and our

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  • 6 July, 2012 • Views: 23815

    Café del Jardín (Museo del Romanticismo)

    In our search of Eden we have come across this treasure: El Café del Jardín, a café in the courtyard of a 18th

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  • 21 June, 2012 • Views: 26402

    Le Café Bistrot de l’Institut Français

    Today we’re sharing a secret. This is one of those places that we doubt wether keeping it to ourselves or

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  • 13 March, 2012 • Views: 8390

    La Marabunta

    From time to time we enjoy daydreaming about our own business, not knowing how we would make it or where it would be,

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  • 21 February, 2012 • Views: 6059

    Museo ABC

    It seems that finally the time has come and illustration has been elevated to a high category in the world of art,

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  • 13 January, 2012 • Views: 8549

    Café Atelier La Llana

    We found this place, called Café Atelier La Llana, between La Latina and Lavapiés. It probably would not have catched

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  • 18 November, 2011 • Views: 10411

    Panta Rhei

    Más que un descubrimiento, Panta Rhei fue el primer lugar en que pensamos cuando nos decidimos a escribir un blog

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