Café del Jardín (Museo del Romanticismo)

In our search of Eden we have come across this treasure: El Café del Jardín, a café in the courtyard of a 18th century mansion that today is the Romantic Museum, a peaceful spot just a few steps away from Fuencarral street, one of the busiests in Madrid.

The café opens early in the morning from Tuesday to Sunday, and it’s a perfect place for a great breakfast (coffee and toast for 2,50€, with a huge range of good options such as fraîche croissants, sandwiches and yoghourt with muesli) or coffee & cake in the afternoon. You can also have a light lunch including salad or a piece of quiche, followed by a delicious dessert.

We recommend taking some time after or before and wander around the museum, a cute spot that remains rather unknown. Right now there’s an interesting photo exhibition called Tiergarten, a german romantic garden, and they also organize from time to time guided visits and great activities in the garden that will make a great experience, such as painting classes, concerts and ateliers for kids.

El Café del Jardín is located in calle San Mateo 13, Madrid. Closest metro stations Tribunal (Lines 1 & 10) and Alonso Martínez (Lines 4, 5 & 10). Opens -during the summer- from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30am to 8:30pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. For more information, contact by phone (+34 910811031), twitter (@Cafe_del_Jardin) or facebook.

7 Responses to Café del Jardín (Museo del Romanticismo)

  1. Cósima says:

    Me ha encantado este descubrimiento. Tengo que probarlo. Muchas gracias.

  2. Cuando visite España, de seguro visitaré ese lugar, esta muy lindo!!! lindas fotos! :)

  3. Fui una vez y me ha encantado! La casita de holograma es muy mona ;)

  4. aniludice says:

    sois las mejores chicas!!!

  5. Valentina says:

    Me encanta tu blog! Lo acabo de conocer y ya lo tengo en favoritos.

    Mil gracias por la delicadeza y naturalidad de tus post!

    Lasgafasdemartinyvalentina somos fans de Madrid y yo!

    • Bé Filipe says:

      Lo conozco y es uno de nis sitios preferidos en Madrid, quando empieza el calor! Me encanta! Un pequeño óasis en la ciudad…

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